International news and guidance on COVID-19 and prisons - 1 December 2020 onwards

01 Dec 2020

We are compiling a list of news articles, guidance and other resources from around the world on COVID-19 and prisons. This will be updated regularly.

International resources

WEPHREN are collating guidance and other resources on managing COVID-19 in prisons and places of detention from various countries and organisations which can be found here.

The ICPA has a resource page here 

Prison Insider is collating information on the measures being taken in different countries here

COVID-19 Behind Bars is an independent journalism project tracking jails, prisons, detention centers, and other facilities of incarceration impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Link here

The European Prison Observatory has a webpage on COVID-19: What is happening in European Prisons? which can be found here

The Association for the Prevention of Torture has developed a Covid-19 And Persons Deprived Of Liberty Information Hub available here

Europris have a dedicated COVID-19 page here

The Amend Team is developing real-time strategies and guidance for correctional facilities grappling with the life threatening challenges of COVID-19 here

The Fair Trials Covid-19 Justice Project can be found here

Information on measures being taken by different countries in dealing with the pandemic in prisons can be found here

Justice Project Pakistan has produced a live global map which is tracking reported cases of prisoners testing positive and dying of the virus across the world. You can view the map here

The Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody has a Coronavirus Information Hub which can be accessed here

A special open access issue of the Victims and Offenders journal has been published focussing on the impact of the pandemic in prisons in a number of countries. The journal can be accessed here

The Council of Europe has published a report on "Prisons and Prisoners in Europe in Pandemic Times: An evaluation of the medium-term impact of the COVID-19 on prison populations" which is available here

Policy statements and guidance

The WHO has issued guidance on Preventing COVID-19 outbreak in prisons which can be found here

The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture has issued a statement of principles relating to the treatment of persons deprived of their liberty in the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic which can be found here

Penal Reform International have produced a briefing note on Coronavirus: Healthcare and human rights of people in prison here

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights has issued a statement here

UNODC has published a position paper on Position Paper on COVID-19 preparedness and responses in prisons here

On 23 March the Regional Penitentiary Academy for Latin America organised a virtual conference of senior prison administrators in the region to discuss the issue of Covid 19 and to learn from each other about initiatives to manage the situation in prisons. Professor Andrew Coyle was invited to set the scene for the conference and a copy of his statement is available here

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has published a report on COVID - 19 and Prisons in the Commonwealth: Ensuring An Effective Response here

Children in detention are at heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 and should be released: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore here

Physicians for Human Rights Israel has published a report on Health Remanded to Custody: The Future of the Prison Health Care System in Israel which can be found here


News articles from 13 March - 30 November 2020 can be found here 


News 29 November


Canada - How Ontario can save money by investing in legal aid for at-risk people

Ecuador Doubles Prison Guards To Quell Violence


Central prison in Afghanistan’s Herat launches capacity building programmes for prisoners

Bangladesh - Inmates live subhuman life in overcrowded jails

Cambodia - Complaint boxes installed in prisons for inmates

Japanese death row inmates sue over 'cruel' hanging


Anti-torture committee highlights continuing overcrowding and staff shortages in Belgium’s prisons


News 26 – 28 November


South Africa: Prisons Watchdog Needs Sharper Teeth


Argentina's prison system is holding thousands more inmates than it can house

US - For Minimum Security Federal Prisoners, The Past Two Years Have Been Rocky


India - The President’s caution on overcrowding of prisons is a wake-up call to the executive and judiciary

Nepal - Health workers being trained to carry out mental health screening of prisoners

Philippines - BuCor eyes building national prisons in all 17 PH regions


Cyprus - Justice minister receives damning prisons report, will ‘act accordingly’

England and Wales - Inquiry launched into staffing issues in the prison system

England and Wales - Reading app to help prison leavers turn new page

French prison population reaches a record 120% capacity

Dance classes give hope to Portuguese prisoners

Welsh council to take control of prison social care responsibilities


New Zealand - Highest risk offenders may be missing out on vital rehab because of psychologist shortage at Corrections


News 25 November


Canada - Working prisoners are entitled to employment and safety standards just like anybody else


England and Wales - Life After Prison: Podcast wants to break stigma of leaving jail

England and Wales - Doubts over effectiveness of post-prison services in Wales

Scottish Prison Service spent about £1m on digital contractor fees during the pandemic,scottish-prison-service-spent-about-1m-a-year-on-digital-contractor-fees-during-the-pandemic

Scotland - Sturgeon urged to bin £4.12m phones for prisoner policy


Australia - Changes to the NT's mandatory sentencing laws pass parliament, prisoner numbers reach new record


News 24 November


Human rights organization Curaçao: situation in Block 1 of SDKK prison again dire

US - Overcrowding, Lack of Healthcare Access Help Increase COVID Mortality in Prisons

US - Three Georgia jail guards charged over beating caught on video


Maldives - All calls from prison are now monitored: Prison Commissioner


Highest number of people on remand in England and Wales for over 50 years

England and Wales - Autism and ADHD: the youth justice system is harming neurodivergent children

England and Wales - London probation services shockingly bad - inspectorate

Northern Ireland - Magilligan prisoners planting trees for the future


Australia (ACT) - Bored prisoners contribute to prison tension


News 23 November


Nigerian Prisons record zero COVID-19 case since outbreak —CGP


Canada - The criminal justice system is retraumatizing victims of violent crime

US - The Case For Taxing Prison Labor

US - Colorado Prisons Hold People In Painful Metal Shackles For Weeks, Report Says

US (Kansas) - The cost of talking to family from prison strains ties that help inmates thrive after release


India - Jail despite bail: Lacking money or social connections, hundreds languish behind bars

The Philippines’ Corruption-Ridden Prison System

Saudi execution spree continues as fears rise for Jordanian on death row


French magistrates go on strike over work conditions that encourage 'cheap justice'

Italy - 45 probed for 'torturing' Ivrea prison inmates


News 22 November


Prison guards in Uganda denied phones to avoid distraction during World Cup


‘They Lack Everything’: Crisis in Argentina’s Overcrowded Prisons

Cayman Islands - Poor prison security deprives inmates of rights

US - Health Care During Incarceration: A Policy Position Paper From the American College of Physicians

US - Prison Mail Policy Changes Keep Incarcerated People From Receiving Mail, Packages

US - Alabama Suspends Executions After Lethal Injection Problems


Ireland - Lack of disability placement leaves vulnerable woman on remand in prison

Portugal - Prison guards on strike


Australia - Report praises governance of prison confinement regimes

New Zealand - Prison numbers declining - yet violent crime, gang numbers increasing


News 19-21 November


Nigeria - Victims of wrongful imprisonment recount harrowing tales, lawyers seek reforms

Zimbabwe - Mnangagwa's govt to build new prisons


Ten killed as gang bosses’ transfer sparks prison riot in Ecuador

Trinidad & Tobago - Needy prisoners left without soap, sanitary supplies

US - New Mexico is Paying Millions to Take Control of Private Prisons as Inmate Populations Decline

US - More 'freedom libraries' arrive in Louisiana state prisons: 'If we build it, they will come'

US (Tennessee) - Mandatory life in prison declared unconstitutional for juvenile offenders by TN Supreme Court


India - ‘Over 13,000 inmates in jail built for 5,200’

Packed cells, poor facilities, no rights—new book shows huge gaps for women in Indian jails

Philippines - Even behind bars, prisoners take part in crimes. Here’s why.


Cyprus - Prison guards remanded again over inmate’s murder

England and Wales - Prison guards 'leaving profession in droves' fuelled by inmate overcrowding

England and Wales - Rishi Sunak vows to increase prison capacity in crime crackdown bid

England and Wales - Inspectors demand urgent action on unsafe Exeter Prison

Greek courts abuse pre-trial detention

Northern Ireland - 'Putting children aged 10 before the courts is wrong': Calls to raise age of criminal responsibility to 16 in NI


News 18 November


UN 'Alarmed' Over Detainee Hunger Strike At Libya Jail


Survey finds Barbadians prefer rehab for criminals over just punishment

Canada - Inmate hunger strike highlights problems facing Indigenous people in prison

US - The Hidden Toll Of Working On Prison Executions

US - When a Parent Is Jailed, Children's Health Care Suffers

US - Hundreds of Women Set to Sue New York Over Allegations of Prison Sex Abuse


India - No ‘e-mualqat’ for inmates with families abroad due to security reasons, Tihar jail tells Delhi HC

Malaysia - Strategic system changes vital to reduce recidivism, says expert

Red Cross says ready to help decongest Philippine jails


England and Wales - Entrepreneur prisoners bid to turn back on crime

England and Wales - Stocken Prison in Rutland needs more resources to prepare prisoners for release

Ireland - Inmates at Limerick Women's Prison sleeping on mattresses or floors due to overcrowding

Sweden - Ikea pushes back against Belarus prison labour allegations


Australia - Diverting children away from the criminal justice system gives them a chance to ‘grow out’ of crime

New Zealand - Prisoners win court action over wages and cost of telephone calls behind bars


News 17 November


Use of death penalty declines in Africa


Canada - Judges should be free to impose conditional sentences when reasonable

At least five inmates escape from prison in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Peru, Chile Prisons May Struggle to Contain Tren de Aragua


Bangladesh - Govt must ensure prisoner’s right to proper health care


People from England’s most deprived areas ten times more likely to be in prison, analysis finds

England and Wales - Government spends more than £250k fighting Gartree ‘super prison’ planning refusal

England and Wales - Failings identified at HMP Hull after troubled inmate dies in his cell

'Scandal' as Scottish jails quarter-filled with remand prisoners waiting trial or sentencing


Australia - Five years since the NT royal commission into youth detention and child protection, there is hope, disappointment and fear


News 16 November


Nigeria has too many prison inmates awaiting trial—technology could achieve swifter justice

Le Sénégal lance le bracelet électronique pour désengorger ses prisons


Rare look at women, children at Peru prison

US - Incarcerated People Need Access to Phone Apps

US - Polls: Death Penalty Support Remains Near 50-Year Low Despite Record-High Perception that Crime Has Increased


Bangladesh - No doctor in most jails

Kuwait executes seven people convicted of murder and other crimes

Philippines - PCIJ audit finds PH prison system gaps: Congestion, kids in jail

Syrian amnesties freed less than 6% of detainees, report reveals


Cyprus - Prison overcrowding has grown worse in recent years

England and Wales - HMP Liverpool: Challenging prison 'making positive progress'


Australia ready for next UN prison inspection

Australia - Queensland's youth justice review reveals children held in watch houses for longer, possibly pleading guilty to crimes they didn't commit


News 15 November


Prison conditions in South Africa need an URGENT upgrade


US (California) - Identifying childhood trauma a key to rehabilitating, reintegrating prison inmates into society

US (Hawaii) - Prison rape victims seek $7.5M in damages, but state argues it’s not liable

US (Washington) - ‘I don’t have the funds’: a diabetic prisoner pleaded for insulin supplies before his death

US - ‘If I could buy freedom, I would’: LA residents who can’t afford bail sue to change system


England and Wales - 'Model prisoner' found dead at Leyland prison after being refused parole


Australia - Queensland has more children in detention than any other state, report says

New Zealand - All prisons short of Corrections officers as jailhouse population climbs


News 12 – 14 November


Kenya - Organisation opens safehouse for women released from prison


Opinion: It’s time to end forced prison labor everywhere in the United States


India - Prison inmates stage protest over 'poor food quality' in Patna, report sought

Philippines - NBP, prison system need serious reforms


England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, October 2022

Ireland - Almost two-thirds of women in Mountjoy prison’s Dochas centre on methadone

Ireland - Vulnerable woman's death in prison must be a catalyst for change, campaigners say

North Macedonia to pardon violators of pandemic measures

Scotland - Health bosses could be called in over 'shocking' state of HMP Greenock


Australia could free a third of its prisoners with little risk to community, new research finds

Australia - Former inmates struggling to reintegrate into society due to minimal experience with digital technology

Australia - Calls for royal commission into WA youth justice, as judge again condemns Banksia Hill


News 11 November


At least 17 prisoners on the run after Comoros islands prison break


US - End of slavery exception in state constitutions could reform prison labor


Philippines - P4 billion needed to build ‘supermax’ prison – Remulla

Thailand - Phuket inmates get cooking in ‘street food’ contest


England and Wales - Durham Prison criticised over vulnerable inmate's hanging death

Scotland - Lengthy Covid isolation for prisoners ‘risked breaching human rights’

Turks risk losing Europe's human rights protections after court spurned


Australia - How a cell-free facility is leading the way for NSW prisons

Australia - NT juvenile justice system has ‘undoubtedly gone backwards’

New Zealand - Courts and justice staff across NZ take industrial action over cost of living


News 10 November


Latin American Countries Release Thousands of Criminals from Prison

US - Voters approve limits on forced prison labor in four states

US - ICE Loves to Buy Furniture Made With Prison Labor, Documents Show

US - Alabama Prison Crisis Continues With 17th Recorded Homicide


Philippines - DOJ to check possible liability of jail officials over unclaimed inmate cadavers


Minister: Amnesty will not affect crime situation in Belarus

Scotland - SNP ministers warned budget cuts to prisons will put 'community safety' at risk


Australia - New philanthropy-backed podcast created by women in prison

New Zealand - Slow progress for national arts in prisons strategy


News 9 November


Nigeria - Prison Decongestion: Over 12,000 inmates freed within last six years — FG


Guyana - Counseling replaces custodial sentences for small amounts of marijuana

Jamaica - Five prison inmates infected with tuberculosis

US - Texas’ soaring psychiatric bed waitlist leaves county jails in a bind

US - Measure 112 passes, removing slavery language from Oregon Constitution


Young protesters undergo military training, patriotic education in Hong Kong prisons

India - Awareness class held for women prisoners on rights and duties

Japan - UN body slams death row conditions, demands progress towards the abolition of capital punishment


England and Wales - Durham Prison death inquest considers if restraint caused death

Italy - Three prison officers arrested for torturing psychiatric inmate

Ukraine Considers Alternatives to Jail for Minor Crimes


News 8 November


Nigeria - Group calls for strict implementation of criminal Justice law


At least five dead and three wounded in new clashes in an Ecuadorian prison

Transfers of Gang Leaders Focus Points for Ecuador’s Prison Violence

US - Kentucky governor promotes ‘prison-to-work’ program


India: Conjugal rights debate puts focus on jail reform


Clearer, kinder and fit for today: Belgium to overhaul Penal Code

Netherlands - More prison detainees in 2021

Scotland - Bill for new Highland prison rises again to almost £140 million with more delays anticipated


Australia - Judge accuses WA government of 'flouting the law' over juveniles detained in adult prison

Australia - New South Wales prisoner assault statistics concern advocates


News 5-7 November


Kenya - Virtual inmate visitation program unveiled at Nakuru G.K Prisons


Canada - Federal prison service hiring an executive to address soaring rates of Indigenous imprisonment

Canada - More people may join ongoing hunger strike at Sask. women's jail, advocate says

US - Why So Many Jails Are in a ‘State of Complete Meltdown’


Pakistan - Juvenile Justice Committee set up for first time in Islamabad

Philippines - Senate mulls prison system overhaul

Philippines - Senate to push for funds to start construction of separate facility for heinous criminals


England and Wales - Iceland hiring ex-prisoners in stores in recruitment drive 'good for society'

Ireland - Those on probation orders earn 30% less – CSO

Portugal - Prison guards on strike


Australia - NSW reversed decision to allow UN inspection of prisons at last minute, committee told

Australia - South-east Qld prison still in lockdown after inmates climb onto roof

Australia - Prisoner in intensive care after huge fire, riot tears through Adelaide jail

Australia - Queensland's youth justice system 'in crisis' amid human rights breaches, children's commissioner warns


News 4 November

More Women Are Being Imprisoned. It’s Not Making the World Safer.


Ghana - Remove death penalty from Constitution - Lawyer urges

Effective Mechanisms For Management Of Pre-Trial Detention In Sub-Saharan Africa


Canada - Prison watchdog raises concerns again about conditions at Edmonton Institution

US - Virginia Women’s Prisons Force People to Remove Pads, Tampons During Strip Searches


India - NCRB to upgrade prison security

India - Disease burden in jails

Philippines - BuCor OIC to implement 1-strike policy for jail officials


England and Wales - MP calls for change in prison release days to stop gangs picking up ex-inmates

England and Wales - Construction starts on UK’s first all-electric prison


Australia’s prisons to cost $7bn a year by 2030 as number of women incarcerated grows faster than men – study

Australia (NSW) - Segregations exceeding 24 hours at Juvenile Justice centres on the rise.


News 3 November


Canada - Legal group raises concerns about prisoner review system

Two dead in gang violence at Ecuador prison after inmate transfers

Promise of voting rights remains distant for those in US jails

US - Justice Department reports on sexual assaults by federal corrections employees


England and Wales - Model for reintegrating prisoners into the community ‘must be overhauled at the earliest opportunity’

England and Wales - 'Worryingly high' levels of violence continue at Werrington youth prison

Italy - The worst year for prison suicides – Gabriele D’Angelo

Scottish prisons could be plunged into permanent Covid- style lockdowns if they do not get extra funding


News 2 November


Antigua - Prison staff called out for failing to support colleagues in protest action

Canada’s prison system has changed little for Indigenous Peoples: Report

Canada - Courts, government bills are unravelling Harper-era crime laws

Canada - Does N.B. need a new $32-million jail? Province won't release records explaining decision

US - Sentenced to life for stealing $14: ‘I needed help, but was given jail’

US - Hawaii Corrections By The Numbers: Incarceration Declined In 2020, And So Did Crime Rates


India - Skill development training to prisoners in AP

Voter turnout in Israeli prisons at 80% as polls close

Editorial: As Japan changes form of prison sentences, efforts needed to curb recidivism

Philippines - ‘High number of deaths in BuCor’s detention facilities alarming’ – CHR


England and Wales - Almost 75,000 defendants awaiting crown court trial, says head of CPS

Scotland - Staff shortages at prison leading to ‘detrimental impact’ on inmates


News 1 November


Kenya - Prisons Urged To Appropriately Rehabilitate Inmates

South Africa - Jailing is not always the answer


Guyana - Prisoners happy with meals; improved living conditions promised – Prison Service

Inmates Are Pushing Back Against Working In U.S. Prisons

US - Rikers Island detainee is 18th person to die in NYC’s prison system in 2022


Indonesia - Restorative justice makes criminal law more humane: Deputy Minister

Philippines - Gov’t told to stop drug war to help  decongest prisons

Philippines - CHR: ‘Death penalty inhuman, cruel, degrading, disadvantageous to poor’


England and Wales - Lancaster Farms prisoners injured in protest over no clean water for nine hours

Scotland - Academia, industry and social enterprise join forces to support prison leavers


News 29 – 31 October


Namibia and Botswana agree to exchange prisoners

Nigeria - Prison decongestion will curb jail breaks – Rights lawyer

Rwanda - Over 25,000 in jail for drug abuse


US - Heavy equipment meets virtual training at Oregon’s only women’s prison

US (Pennsylvania) - Activists Put Solitary Confinement on Ballot, But Local Elections Board Nixed It

US - Iowa remains the only state without a compassionate release program


India - SC decides to examine poll law which deprives under trials, civil prison detainees their right to vote

Pakistan - Around 25 pc prisoners in Lahore, Rawalpindi jails prone to drug addiction: Report

Philippines - BuCor resumes visitation privileges for PDLs in maximum-security jails

Thailand - New law on chemical castration of sexual offenders gazetted


England and Wales - Remand prisoners ‘missing out on jobs and education’

England and Wales - In Britain, a jail sentence is often a death sentence. What’s going on in our prisons?

England and Wales - Inside one of London's oldest prisons that's so overcrowded that inmates share one man cells

England and Wales - HMP The Verne criticised in Ofsted inspection

Northern Ireland - Prisons in grip of opioid crisis as one in five inmates getting treatment or awaiting help

Vegan activist takes Switzerland to human rights court over prison diet

Inflation affects Türkiye's unprecedentedly high prison population


Growing prison populations in Australia are costing $4.2bn a year despite falling crime rates, Labor says

New Zealand - Whanganui prison to resume face-to-face visits after none for nine months

New Zealand - Corrections losing staff faster than it can hire them


News 28 October


US - Why is solitary confinement increasing in federal prisons? New chief wants to know

US - Colorado prisons’ restraint techniques amount to “torture” and need reform, lawmaker says

US - Vermont still housing juveniles in adult prisons


India - Psychological test of death row convicts is essential, says Supreme Court


England and Wales - Number of prisoners yet to be found guilty of a crime hits 50-year high

England and Wales - Safety in Custody Statistics, England and Wales: Deaths in Prison Custody to September 2022 Assaults and Self-harm to June 2022

Government seeks urgent contract to keep prisoners in Spain warm and fed this winter

Switzerland - Report takes issue with treatment of long-term incarcerated


New Zealand - Corrections spend $4m on TV ad amid desperate staffing shortages


News 27 October


Experts seek medical intervention for elderly prison inmates in Nigeria


US - How Mass Incarceration Shapes Our Elections

US - Prison reform is on the midterm ballot

US - Physical Mail Was My Lifeline to the Outside World — and Now It’s Gone

US (Hawaii) - Judge: Prison Officials Must Release Names Of Inmates Who Die In Custody


India - When courts enter prisons

Thailand - Health checkups for inmates as mobile unit visits Phuket prison


News 26 October


A made-in-Canada solution to help Indigenous people in prisons

Gang control of Ecuador's prisons leave inmates' families terrified

In the U.S., some 4.6 million people are disenfranchised due to a felony conviction

US - Missouri Department of Corrections sees 25% increase in prisoner deaths this year


Prisons Dept: Malaysia looking to slash prison occupancy by two-thirds over next eight years

Pakistan: Court orders action against IG Prisons over inhuman treatment of inmates


Belgium - Ongoing 48-hour strike among staff at Saint-Gilles Prison

Scotland - Criminal justice groups warn of drastic cuts under spending plans


Australia - Clarence Correctional Centre prisoners face lockdown as officers strike for second time in four weeks


News 25 October


One inmate dies in yet another prison riot in Ecuador

Prison deaths mount in El Salvador's gang crackdown

New US prisons chief pledges truth, reform for ailing system

US (New York) - Rikers Island Sees 17th Prisoner Death This Year


Death row prisoners launch legal challenge to Japan’s no-notice executions

Malaysia and the Politics Behind the Death Penalty: A Tumultuous Relationship.

Philippines - 3 to 5 inmates die in BuCor prisons each day, says spox


England and Wales - ‘Over-ambitious’ HMPPS electronic tagging plan ‘threw away’ £100m

England and Wales - Racism ‘overlooked and ignored’ among UK prison deaths, says new report

England and Wales - HMP The Verne inmates need more purposeful activity, report says


U.N. torture prevention team suspends visit to Australia over prison dispute

Australia - WA prisoners in 'inhumane' conditions as mental health hospital Franklin Centre's waitlist grows


News 22 – 24 October


USAID Launches Programme to Improve Youth Justice Systems in Eastern Caribbean

Canada - '20 minutes a day': advocates say B.C. prison COVID-19 lockdown goes too far

US - Compassionate Release Program Underused as Prison Populations Age: Study


India - 448 Prisoners Released In A Day: How Chhattisgarh Is Decongesting Its Jails

Myanmar junta bans prison visits after parcel bomb attack

Pakistan - Court hearings go virtual on trial basis

Sri Lanka - New prison rules raise alarms


England and Wales - Prison’s ‘chronic’ problems are exposed in latest report

Ireland - McEntee confirms that prisoners on release are not being tagged due to cost

Sweden's new right-leaning government to look at outsourcing prisoners to other countries

Turkey - Silivri Prison inmates complain of ill-treatment, poor prison conditions, says parliamentary committee report


Failure to allow full UN prison inspections risks Australia’s international standing, experts say

Australia - Judge issues WA government contempt of court warning over children detained in adult prison


News 21 October


Canada - Mandatory minimum penalties harm the justice system

Abortion bans create ‘insurmountable barriers’ for incarcerated women in US

US - Louisiana begins moving child inmates to notorious Angola prison’s former death row unit


Punjab: Hundreds enjoy new conjugal visit rooms in India jails


England and Wales - Government ‘throws away’ £100m in failing tagging scheme

England and Wales - Devon prison makes 'encouraging progress', say inspectors


Australia - Malcolm Turnbull warns NSW and Queensland of ‘company they’re keeping’ by blocking UN prison inspectors


News 20 October


Canada - Almost 100 inmates in B.C. prison diagnosed with COVID-19

Canada - Inmates on hunger strike at women's jail in Sask. as concerns raised about conditions

New data tool details thousands of corporations profiting from U.S. prison industry: report

US - Restoring voting rights to those trapped by the carceral system goes beyond successful legislation

US (Pennsylvania) - Jail officials across Pa. sound alarm as mental health crisis puts people at risk, survey finds


Saudi Arabia: Rights group warns kingdom still issuing death sentences for children


England and Wales - Devolution ‘necessary step’ towards better Welsh criminal justice system, academics argue


Australia - NSW using prisoners as political pawns, critics say, after state refuses to let UN inspectors into detention facility


News 19 October


India - Special living quarters for VIP Arthur Road Jail inmates soon

Explosions at Myanmar main prison kill eight -media


Bulgaria: CoE prison report finds violence, health issues and staff shortages

England and Wales - HMP Pentonville living conditions and overcrowding worsen

England and Wales - New report uncovers ‘institutional racism’ in the justice system


Australia - NSW denies prison access for UN delegation

Let the UN’s light of scrutiny shine on Australia’s prisons and detention regimes


News 18 October


Liberia: Prison Fellowship Liberia Sponsors 1,500 Children in School


Antigua - Prison officers take to the streets to demand better working conditions

British Virgin Islands - HM Prison to now get CCTV surveillance

US - Inmate strike inside Alabama prisons comes to end


Philippines - DOJ aims to set up regional prison facilities ‘to humanize prison system’


England and Wales - Winchester prison faces damning report revealing persistent violence and 'vermin-infested' buildings

En suites, yoga and pastel shades: radical women’s prison to open in Scotland

Scotland - Court backlog has reduced by 10000 since the start of the year


Australia - COVID-19 isolation policy sees girls in Alice Springs juvenile detention centre moved into boys' area


News 12-17 October


South Africa - Overcrowding and suicides a concern in SA prisons


Concerns grow as cholera spreads through Haiti's prisons

US - Costs of incarceration rise as inflation squeezes inmates, families


Cambodia - Prisoners are being marked for parole

Iran prison fire death toll rises to 8 inmates killed

Malaysia - Two-thirds of prisoners to undergo community rehab by 2030

Pakistan - Inmates in overcrowded jails suffer ‘torture’


England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, September 2022

England and Wales - Black deaths in UK prisons are among most violent and neglectful, damning report finds

England and Wales - Foreign detainees being held in jail despite completing their sentences, UK prison watchdog says

England and Wales - Backlog of criminal cases in Crown Courts reaches record high after strike

Ireland - How prisoners help each other with mental health issues

Italy - Prisoner kills self in Florence, 68th jail suicide this year

Northern Ireland - Long opens new Staff Wellbeing Hub at Maghaberry Prison


News 11 October


SPECIAL REPORT: Criminalisation of petty offences in Nigeria violates the poor

80 Zimbabweans on death row; NGO urges Govt to abolish death penalty


US - Prisoners in Alabama keep dying as inmates go on statewide labour strike

US (Colorado) - Inside the nation's first and only statewide prison radio station where inmates use conversation to "become better people"


Prison Riot In Northern Iran In Kills Several Inmates

Malaysia - Prisons Dept targets more inmates to undergo community rehab to prevent overcrowding

Philippines - Rights group calls for mass pardon for low-level offenders


England and Wales - Backlog of nearly 60,000 court cases won’t be resolved quickly despite end of strike action, barristers warn


Australia - ‘Barbaric’ practices still used in Victorian prisons, human rights advocates say


News 8 – 10 October


Aregbesola wants 30% of Nigeria’s prison inmates released


British Virgin Islands - HMP neglected for years! Security very poor, prison review finds

Cayman Islands - Problems persist for vulnerable prisoners

US - ‘It just doesn’t let up’: Alabama state prisons rife with violence, inmates say


Bangladesh - Only four physicians for around 83,000 inmates

India - Mumbai: Only one psychiatrist for over 42,000 prisoners in state

Indonesia mulls introduction of a ‘probationary’ death penalty

Pakistan - Early resolution of overcrowding in jails urged


England and Wales - Criminal barristers vote to end strike over pay

England and Wales - RAF prison plans a 'gross misallocation of taxpayers’ money'

England and Wales - Prisoners at HMP Spring Hill near Aylesbury living in 'unfit for purpose' accommodation

Türkiye plans removing ‘no jail’ rule for offenders


Australia - ‘Dying is normal in this jail’: teenager held in Port Phillip prison for four months

Australia - NSW Serco staff strike at largest prison

New Zealand - Prison visitors ban 'unconscionable' - advocacy group


News 7 October


South Africa - Prison group fights to have cellphones in jails but authorities give reasons why they are considered contraband


Ecuador: UN torture prevention body remains seriously concerned by prison crisis after second visit

US - Biden pardons thousands with federal convictions of simple marijuana possession

US - Survey: Crime Victims Want More Help, Less Punitive Justice

US - The Stunning Neglect and Racist Politics Behind Alabama’s Prison Strike

US - Two inmates killed at California state prisons within 24 hours, officials say


Philippines eyes release of 5,000 inmates by 2023

Singapore hangs 11th prisoner of year: NGO


England and Wales - Plan to further expand new prison under construction

England and Wales - Young defendants pressured to plead guilty in 20 minutes


Australia - ‘It’s getting results’: New rapid-build prison having impact on inmates’ behaviour

New Zealand - Lawyers trying to prepare for trials locked out of Rimutaka prison due to staff shortages


News 6 October


Latest Ecuador prison riot leaves at least 11 injured


India - Are women prison inmates entitled to special provisions?

Malaysia - 7 bills tabled for abolition of mandatory death penalty


CoE Report: Pandemic Worsened Backlog in Balkan Courts

Cyprus - Prison guards call off strike but reject government offer

England and Wales - Prison educators vote to strike across England over low pay

England and Wales - Record levels of violent and sex crime cases in courts backlog for over a year


News 5 October


4 deaths, 30 cases of medical negligence in Egypt prisons, rights group says


Argentina - Human development workshops in Buenos Aires prisons

New clashes break out in Ecuador prison after deadly riot

El Salvador: Rising Prison Inmate Numbers Threaten Humanitarian Crisis- NGO


England and Wales - Swaleside prison in Sheppey 'buckling' from staffing crisis, warn inspectors


Government pledges full review of Western Australia's struggling juvenile justice system

New Zealand - Staffing Shortages Compromising Prison Safety


News 4 October


Canada - B.C. expanding post-prison support services to all 10 correctional facilities

At least 15 killed in latest Ecuadorean prison violence

US - Why Keeping Kids Out of Jail Makes Us Safer

US (Tennessee) - Prison reform advocate settles solitary confinement suit

US (Iowa) - Panel rejects $1-million payouts to inmates given vaccine overdoses


England and Wales - Campaigners fight plans for £300m HMP Gartree 'super jail' ahead of inquiry

England and Wales - Prisoners start as apprentices at big name employers

Letters point to an extreme abuse of prisoners rights in Turkish jails


New Zealand - Human Rights Commission blasts Corrections over face-to-face visits


News 1-3 October


US - What’s Prison For? Concise diagnosis of a huge American problem

US - They’re in federal prison, and they’re done staying quiet

US - Biden pledged to end solitary confinement. Federal prisons are increasing its use.

US - What an Alabama Prisoners’ Strike Tells Us About Prison Labor

US - How Hawaii brought its population of girls in prison to zero

US - Calls from California prisons will be free under new law signed by Newsom

US - ‘State of despair.’ Inmate suicides approach historic high in North Carolina prisons.


Cyprus - Prison guards continue pay protests for 12th day

England and Wales - Prison education: Ministers to tackle ‘disastrously overlooked’ issue of prisoners with SEND

England and Wales - Violence at Peterborough prison down year-on-year but self-harm rising among women, annual report reveals

Ireland - ‘Health-led’ approach for drug-users in prison system

Northern Ireland - Justice Minister launches consultation on minimum age of criminal responsibility


Australia - The time to end mass imprisonment in Victoria is now


News 30 September


Gambia: Hon. Ceesay - Gambia´s Prison Cells Do Not Meet Human Rights Standard

Libya's Mufti denounces dire conditions in prisons across country


At least 12 Haiti prisoners dead for lack of food, medicine, official says

US – Opinion: Thousands were released from prison during covid. The results are shocking.

Federal prisons ‘riddled with mismanagement’ probed by U.S. Senate panel

US - Alabama prisons reduce meals, nix visits amid inmate strike

US - Gov. Newsom vetoes bill to end indefinite solitary confinement in California, citing safety concerns

US - New Images Reveal Shocking Conditions in New York’s Rikers Island Jail


England and Wales - Prison inspectors concerned over 'high levels' of self harm in HMP Nottingham

Netherlands - Cabinet wants to up the use of ankle bracelets and community service

Northern Ireland - ‘Let’s keep option of remote courts after pandemic’, say lawyers

Scotland - New Glasgow prison for women with 'no bars or fences' due to open next month

Turkey - Inmates in Çorum’s minimum security prison not allowed to take university courses despite regulations


Australia - NSW Serco prison officers walk off the job

Australia - Inside a women’s prison: ‘I’ve seen things no human should ever have to see’


News 29 September


'I have to keep fighting': Mexicans wait for years behind bars for a trial

US - Inmate strike spreads to all major Alabama prisons


Philippines - BuCor’s 37,000 PDLs get Covid booster shots


Leeds prison still has ongoing issues of self-harm and overcrowding despite improvements, inspection finds

Scotland prisons: Statistics reveal suicide death rate


New Zealand - Prisoner numbers are down: let’s not go back to a ‘lock ’em up’ mindset


News 28 September


Brazil's prisons generate income, say pastoral workers

Nearly 20 prisoners escape from a prison in southern Peru

US - ‘Slavery by any name is wrong’: the push to end unpaid labor in prisons

US - I spent years in solitary confinement. End this horrific mistreatment of people in prison.

US - California Private Prison Ban Ruled Unconstitutional in Federal Court

US (California) - Prisoners Forced to Work for Showers Are Now Being Punished for Taking Them

US - Alabama prisoners refusing to work in 2nd day of protest


Lebanon: Drama therapist helps inmates with mental illnesses while pushing for reform

UAE: Police launch social club for prison inmates with library, classrooms, computers


England and Wales - Government change legislation to allow prisoners to take up apprenticeships following Committee recommendation

England and Wales - Call to re-sentence 3,000 prisoners trapped under indefinite jail terms


Australia - Drug traffickers to face possibility of life in prison after loophole in SA drug laws closed


News 27 September


More than a hundred inmates escape from a Haitian prison

US - Prison Staff Shortages Take Toll on Guards, Incarcerated People

US - Report: Black Americans more likely to be wrongfully convicted

Dementia in Prison Is Turning into an Epidemic: The U.S. Penal System Is Badly Unprepared

US - Alabama prison system reports work stoppage after group calls for inmate strike

US - Judge approves ‘untenable’ plan to house child inmates in Louisiana’s notorious Angola prison death row wing

US - ‘Mandela’ bill would limit solitary confinement in California prisons and jails


India - Meet The Psychiatrist Who Works Inside South Asia’s Largest Prison Complex


England and Wales - Foston Hall: Report finds women's prison most violent in England

Latvia: Project seeks to help imprisoned women lead a better life

Increasing number of inmates filing complaints of right violations in Turkish prisons, says TIHEK report


News 24 – 26 September


Nigeria - Prison Congestion: Metuh’s Foundation rallies NASS, NBA, others to stem awaiting trial debacle


India - E-Mulakat to ease meeting with prisoners

India - Justice delayed: Over 1 lakh cases in lower courts more than 30 years old

Guilty until innocent: It’s time India got bail reforms

Pakistan - Efforts underway to transform prisons into rehabilitation centers

Dozens of Vietnamese lawyers sign petition to abolish prisoners’ foot shackles


Cyprus - Prolonged prison guards strike causing security concerns at central prison

England and Wales - Why prisoners are spending more time in their cells

England and Wales - Urgent call for review into sentencing pregnant women due to health risks

Ireland – Four life sentence prisoners have been in jail for over 40 years

Scotland - Trial scheme launched to increase victim confidence in justice system


Australia - ‘Institutionalised’ inmate helped spark Parklea prison riot


News 23 September


Barbados - Prison on mission to boost food security

UN Torture Prevention Body to visit Ecuador amid prison crisis

US - How Prison Visit Restrictions Force Parents to Make Tough Decisions


India - Over 600 Vacancies In Delhi Prisons, Delhi High Court Told

Taiwan - Cabinet approves bill to amend minimum security prison rules


Italy - 25 guards probed for beating prisoners at Ivrea

How Norwegian prisons prepare inmates to become better neighbors

Scotland's Sheriff Courts: Serious criminal trials backlog until 2026


News 22 September


South Africa - Popcru wants more invested in police and correctional officers


US - Jail and prison will never be places a person with mental illness finds healing

US (Tennessee) Private prison contractor CoreCivic hit with two new lawsuits over inmate deaths

US - New York Prisons Are Blatantly Violating State Law Limiting Solitary Confinement


India - Over 19% prisoners on interim bail or emergency parole yet to return to Delhi jails: RTI

Malaysia - RM270mil saved through out of prison rehab programmes, says deputy minister


Australia - Disability royal commission examines poor treatment and 'disgusting' conditions in criminal justice system

New Zealand - Despite Govt concern, Māori are a growing majority of those sent to prison


News 21 September


Gambia - Over 200 inmates, prison officers vaccinated against covid-19

Why has Kenya not abolished the death penalty? Habit and inertia


US - Hundreds of prison and jail deaths go uncounted by the federal government, report finds

US - Voters in 5 states to decide in November whether to abolish forced prison labor


Overcrowded Indian jails a blot on society


Cyprus - Prison guards to continue strike, new protest on Wednesday

England and Wales - Youth custody system ‘dysfunctional’ and failing girls, report finds

Ireland - Why we need proper scrutiny of what happens behind prison walls

Norway - High mortality rates after release from prison

‘We thieves and killers are now fighting Russia’s war’: how Moscow recruits from its prisons

Scotland - Prison population health needs: synthesis report


Australia - What kind of country are we to treat children in prison with such cruelty and brutality?

New Zealand - Frustration grows as lawyers, whānau denied face-to-face prisoner visits


News 17 – 20 September


Report: 32 detainees died in Egypt's prisons this year

Equatorial Guinea abolishes death penalty, state television reports


Haitian Prisoners Face Starvation and Death

US - School of Law members raise concerns as dementia rates in prison climb

US - Massachusetts Scraps Fees for Probation and Parole


Human right organization warns against ‘inhumane conditions’ facing inmates at Bahrain’s Jau Prison

Malaysia - Prison reform needs immediate action


Cyprus - Prison guards demonstrate over pay


Forum aims to find solutions for challenges facing Pacific prisons

Australia - Mother-baby unit at Tasmania's Risdon prison has been underutilised, a report has found

New Zealand - Flagship Corrections strategy dents prison numbers but other changes slow-going


News 15-16 September


Mexico has released nearly 2,700 prisoners early as overall jail population grows

US - Prisoner Advocates Turn to the UN to End Extreme Prison Sentences


India - Societal Rehabilitation Vital

India - Punjab: Inmates with good conduct can now meet family for an hour in jail complex

Malaysia - Prison Reform Needs Immediate Attention — KLSCAH


England and Wales - Delays leave man facing four years in Leicester jail without trial

Ireland - Former inspector of prisons warns complaints system is 'not fit for purpose'


Australia - NT a world leader in prison rates: report

Australia - Fears for safety of incarcerated children after fire in Perth maximum security prison

New Zealand - Legal action filed to stop Corrections moving women from Arohata Prison


News 14 September


Cabo Verde: Electronic ankle bracelets introduced as alternative to prison

Egypt: 3 prisoners die over 48 hours in prison


US - REPORT: Number of Black Americans serving long prison sentences far exceeds other groups

US - Administrative Barriers to Decarceration

US - Monkeypox In Prisons: Urgent Action Needed To Avoid A Public Health Crisis


New Zealand - Thousands of prisoners denied visits due to Corrections' Covid policy


News 13 September


Nigeria - Prison decongestion: Aregbesola seeks special funding for completion of 9,000 capacity custodial facilities


US - To Reduce Labor Shortages, Chicago Tries to Ease the Path From Prison Into Jobs

US - In Texas youth prisons, children trapped in their cells use water bottles and lunch trays for toilets


India - SC: Lodging juveniles in adult prisons amounts to deprivation of their personal liberty

Malaysia - Alternative sentences to death penalty finalised, to be presented to Cabinet, says Wan Junaidi

Philippines - Bureau of Corrections frees over 300 prisoners


Greece - Young offenders can pick community service over jail time

Isle of Man - Youth justice system 'disjointed' and not helping reoffending rates

Turkey - Women prisoners in Diyarbakır Women's Closed jail go on hunger strike against rights violations


Australia - Vic prison population more than doubles

Australia - Aboriginal man dies in custody, the second in Victoria in just over a month


News 10 – 12 September


Bermuda - Government ignoring prison officers, says OBA

US - Bureau Of Prisons’ Interpretation Of First Step Act Will Leave Thousands Of Inmates Incarcerated


India - ‘Judicial reforms needed to decongest prisons’: Activists on latest NCRB data

Malaysia - How the prison department helps inmates return to the outside world

Philippines - Elderly, frail PDLs to be prioritized for clemency grant


England and Wales - The tower is crumbling and is a 'danger to staff' and prisoners say they felt safer during Covid: Inside Strangeways this year

Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee holds High Level Talks in Greece on prison reform


Australia - Seeking mental health and substance use support isn’t keeping people from going back to jail


News 9 September


US - Lengthy Prison Terms Not ‘Significant Deterrent’ to Crime: Report

US (California) - ‘Barbaric’ L.A. County jail conditions alleged as ACLU seeks federal intervention

US - Data shows New York is violating a new law banning solitary confinement


England and Wales - Defendants accused of violent crimes released from prison due to barristers’ strike delays

England and Wales - Publication of Government response to Covid-19 and the Criminal Law report and updated response on Legal Aid


News 8 September


US - Fighting an Unjust System, Bail Project Gets People Out of Jail, Reunites Families

US - Families demand a plan to stop COVID spread in prisons

US - Michigan prison set to close amid declining prisoner population; lawmaker objects

US - Florida's prison inmate population will likely increase, and there's already a staffing shortage


Philippines - DoJ told to address jail congestion

Philippines - Almost 95% of BuCor’s PDLs vaccinated


England and Wales - English prisons face strike ballot in low pay dispute

Malta - Treatment of detained people is back under scrutiny


Australia - Inadequate post-release support drives up reincarceration rates: study

Australia - No education for detainees for more than a year at Canberra's jail


News 7 September


Opinion: Solitary confinement is torture. U.S. prisons should stop using it.

Formerly Incarcerated People and Advocacy Organizations Urge Reform of US Bureau of Prisons

US - Colorado prison and jail populations reaching pre-COVID levels or higher


77 percent of India’s prisoners are undertrials: NCRB

Human rights groups condemn torture in Lebanese prisons

Malaysia - Design therapeutic prisons to improve wellbeing of staff, inmates

Nepal - National Assembly endorses Prison Bill, two other proposals


England and Wales - Staffing crisis at prison near Rugby is 'one of the worst' ever seen, say inspectors


New Zealand - Prison turns life upside down – giving low-risk prisoners longer to prepare for their sentences would benefit everyone


News 6 September


Bermuda - Prison officers under pressure, Labour Day attendees told

Jamaica - Gov't identifies land to build new, modern prison - Holness


India - Supreme Court Issues Notice In Plea Seeking Reforms In Mental Healthcare Facilities In Prisons Across The Country

Malaysia - Prison, not the end of the line for inmates


England and Wales - Hundreds have spent 15 years in jail under abolished indefinite sentences

England and Wales - HMP Berwyn competently run but improvement needed and “plagued” by staff shortages inspectors say

Quarter of Scots prison population still awaiting trial


Australia - NSW deploys facial recognition system into prisons


News 3 – 5 September


Antigua - UWI to offer more scholarships to HMP residents

Mexico debates its no-bail policy for nonviolent suspects


India - States should modernise jails, prison reforms law coming: Amit Shah

Israel's AG Pushes to Build Thousands of Prison Cells Despite Top Court, Ministries' Opposition

Jordan: Rise in juvenile suicide cases necessitates scrutiny of juvenile justice system

Kyrgyzstan - Many prisons still have cruel and degrading conditions of detention – NCPT


England and Wales - Hundreds of people being held on remand for years before standing trial

Estonia - Ministry of Justice plans to merge prison medicine with general healthcare

Ireland - Prison officers take over 17,000 sick days in two years due to mental health issues as stress takes toll

Italy - New record 59 jail suicides this year

Portugal - President approves law on the installation of landline telephones in prison cells


Australia - Victorian Liberal MP urges UN to investigate youth justice facilities over ‘serious breaches’ of human rights


News 2 September


St Vincent & the Grenadines - Skills for Youth Employment Program has been launched in SVG prisons

US - Prison air conditioning is coming too slowly for those who need it most

US - When Release Conditions End in Unjust Confinement


Palestinian prisoners halt mass hunger strike after Israel ‘ends punitive measures’


Greek prisons overcrowded, undignified: CoE report


New Zealand - Mothers and children face separation as Arohata Prison inmates moved out


News 1 September


US - 11,000 Federal Inmates Were Sent Home During the Pandemic. Only 17 Were Arrested for New Crimes.

US - Ohio's expedited pardons provide a quicker path to a fresh start


Indonesia’s zero tolerance drug laws leave hundreds on death row

Palestinian prisoners held by Israel set to go on mass hunger strike

Philippines - About 10,000 PDLs at New Bilibid get booster shots against Covid-19

More than 2,400 people to be pardoned on Vietnam’s National Day


Ireland - Justice Minister Helen McEntee wants to see fewer petty criminals sent to jail


New Zealand - Gang members increasing number of attacks on prison guards


News 31 August


US - California could soon restrict the use of solitary confinement in prisons and jails


England and Wales - Reducing reoffending ultimate aim of Thames Valley pilot prison scheme

Ireland - Murderers could face a minimum 25 years in prison as judges get new powers under sweeping reforms


News 24 – 30 August


Kenya - Thika inmates trained in making paper products for income


Canada - Public safety minister adds new rules on prison ‘dry cells’ for suspected contraband

US - Impact of COVID-19 on State and Federal Prisons, March 2020–February 2021

US - At $249 per day, prison stays leave ex-inmates deep in debt

US - Mental health staffing shortage exacerbates stress among Alabama inmates, experts say

US - Locking up People with Mental Health Conditions Doesn’t Make Anyone Safer

The Bosses Who Run Venezuela's Most Lawless Prisons


Cambodia will study suggestions by UN rights envoy that prisoners be granted more time in the yard and with family

India - Monitoring prisoners difficult due to overcrowding: Tihar Jail officials

A Separate Bail Law Can Help Decongest India's Jails: Experts

Pakistan - Islamabad Will Soon Get Its First Modern Prison

Philippines inmates protest against prison food and warden by climbing on roof


England and Wales - Prisoners at Norfolk jail 'break rules without challenge', report reveals

Go-karting event for prisoners was a mistake, French governor admits


Australia - Victoria paying more than $1m a day to keep unsentenced prisoners in jail


News 23 August


Cabo Verde: State wants alternatives to jail to promote prisoner reintegration


Ecuador taking prisoner census after more than 400 prison murders since 2020

El Salvador’s President Bukele arrests 1 percent of population in four-month “state of exception”

US - There Continues to Be Lack of Info About COVID-19 in Jail

US - COVID tests at California prison’s linked to ‘potential breach’ of visitors personal data


Bangladesh - Inmates at overcrowded Faridpur jail suffer for lack of medical facilities

At least 35 North Korean prisoners are said to have starved to death in July


England and Wales - HMP Lewes progress 'disappointing', watchdog says

England and Wales - Crisis deepens in criminal justice system

Turkish justice minister promises reforms to improve healthcare in prisons


News 20 – 22 August


How COVID-19 transformed the Kenyan court system

South Africa - Corruption, ineffective rehabilitation in prisons a problem, says expert


US - Released during COVID, some people are sent back to prison with little or no warning

US - New York’s ageing prisoners languish with poor medical care and little hope


England and Wales - The urgent need for change in prisons after survey finds women face high levels of racism by staff

Criminal barristers in England and Wales vote to go on indefinite strike

England and Wales - Over 300 years of jail time has been added to criminals' sentences since the start of 2021

Ireland - Homeless prisoners: ‘It was better to be in prison than on the streets’


New Zealand - Otago prison: 'Unacceptable' CCTV in use in some cells, bathrooms


News 19 August


Canada - Inmates building community in B.C. prison through totem pole project

US - Conditions in prisons during heat waves pose deadly threats to incarcerated people and prison staff


Justice deterred is justice denied for Indonesia’s victims of crime

With Israeli Prisons Full, Detainees Are Sleeping on Police Station Floors


England and Wales - HMP Spring Hill inspection highlights ‘awful’ accommodation

Turkey - Inmate who publicized mistreatment in Silivri Prison is subjected to disciplinary punishment


News 18 August


El Salvador plans to open 'mega prison' after 50,000 gang members arrested

US - 'We're fighting a beast': Families accuse private prisons of failing to help dying loved ones


India - New jail manual promises welfare of prisoners in UP

Indonesia - 2,000 Inmates in Jakarta Prisons Receive Independence Remission

Philippines eyes ‘world-class’ top-security prison


Ireland - More than 100 former inmates registered with emergency homeless services ‘on day of prison release’


New Zealand - Prisons an 'inhumane environment' doing little to rehabilitate offenders - ex-inmate


News 17 August


US - DOJ watchdog publishes data dashboard to track COVID-19 vaccinations of prison inmates

US - Prisoner’s Death by Suicide Is 12th This Year at New York’s Rikers Island Jail

US (Virginia) - ACLU challenges amendment blocking inmates' early release


England and Wales - Paraplegic inmate taken to hospital in handcuffs among thousands of prison complaints

Italy - 52 prison suicides this year

Scotland - Courts backlog has shrunk by 7,500 trials since January


Australia - Number of women being sentenced to prison in Queensland quadruples in 15 years

Australia - Plans For Indigenous-Led NSW Prison Pilot Criticised By Advocates


News 16 August


US - Report Details ‘Cruel’ And ‘Unconscionable’ Treatment Of Patients In Illinois Prisons


Pakistan - Prisoners conjugal rights: Govt asked to reopen family quarters in jails

Qatar - MoI boosts co-operation with QRCS on in-prison care, rehabilitation


England and Wales - Barristers’ strike disrupts more than 6,000 court hearings in first 19 days as action escalates


New Zealand - No visits, limited video calls 'taken away any positives' for inmates


News 13 – 15 August


South Africa - Prisoners due for parole stuck in jail due to system failures


Canada - HMP on the verge of total lockdown as prison grapples with lack of guards

Mexico prison cartel clash spills on to streets of border city leaving 11 dead

Confronting America’s ‘Cruel and Unusual’ Juvenile Detention Crisis

US - New York restricts families from sending packages to inmates


India - As pandemic fades, Maharashtra’s prisons are once again overcrowded

Saudi Arabia - Attorney General launches procedural guide to supervise prisons, detention centers

Thailand - Royal birthdays bring over 100,000 royal prison pardons


England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, July 2022

England and Wales - Rise in self-harm in women’s prisons

Slovenian prisons lack 15% of prison officers


News 12 August


2 dead, 4 injured in riot at northern Mexico border prison

US - Repurposing Correctional Facilities to Strengthen Communities

US (Washington) - WA state delays watchdog reports on prisons, concerning advocates


England and Wales - Prison inspectors find poor living conditions and staffing shortages at HMP Wayland in Norfolk

Almost 1.5m England and Wales crime victims opt not to pursue cases

England and Wales - Crown court backlog edges up further

Ireland - Prisons used as a ‘dumping ground’ for the mentally ill


Australia - ‘Harrowing’ incidents of self-harm revealed among boys held at Perth adult prison

Australia - Power outages at Darwin Correctional Centre spark concerns over access to justice, prisoner welfare

Australia (NSW) - First Nations Prison Rate Climbs, Despite Pandemic Drop in Overall Inmate Numbers


News 11 August


Hundreds escape DRC prison in deadly jailbreak

Zimbabwe - 'Virtual courts may infringe rights'


US - Women’s Prisons Are Filled With Domestic Violence Survivors. A New Type of Law Could Help Them Get Out.

US - Court sides with Oregon governor over early prison releases


Thailand’s inmates fight for glory in prison muay Thai championship


Belgium - Justice Department heads to heavy metal festival to recruit new prison staff

Cyprus - Minister denies prison spying on inmates


Australia - Murder charge prompts NSW prison strike

Australia - New smoking ban in WA prisons prompt fears of jail riots


News 10 August


South Africa - Prison torture case: Inmates sue justice minister for almost R10 million


US - ACLU-MN sues Minnesota DOC for re-imprisoning people on conditional medical release


England and Wales - Ex-prisoners to help build new 'mega' prison at Full Sutton near York


New Zealand Labour repeals three-strikes law its says led to ‘absurd’ sentences

New Zealand - Prisoners locked in cells for 22 hours a day amid staff shortages


News 9 August


US - New York will no longer use 'inmate' for people in prison

US - Human Rights violations in prisons throughout the South causes disparate and lasting harm in Black Communities

US - California puts some of its most vulnerable prisoners in solitary confinement. A state bill would change that


India - Ease of justice wanted for undertrials

Philippines - Bill seeking to establish penal farms across regions filed at the Senate


Cyprus - MEP sounds alarm at EU parliament over prison phone surveillance

England and Wales - New prison could be extended to house almost 2,000 inmates, Government reveals

Ireland - Prison officers drafted into Mountjoy to deal with 'crisis' amid murder and riot


Australia - ACT Drug and Alcohol Court saves Canberrans millions of dollars by diverting offenders from jail to treatment


News 6-8 August


US - Senate to hold hearing on crisis-plagued federal prisons

US - 17 States and DC Have Stopped Reporting Active COVID Cases Behind Bars

US - Documentary highlights lack of accessibility for deaf and disabled people in Florida justice system

US (California) - Opinion: With COVID surges, there’s no return to normalcy in jails and prisons


India - Take action on releasing prisoners in jail for long: SC to Centre, States

Iran - Women political prisoners contract Coronavirus in Evin Prison

New hangings take Singapore execution toll to 10 in four months

Philippines - Congested prisons? Robin’s solution is to ‘regionalize’ them


England and Wales - Thousands of prison staff and inmates attacked in North East prisons

Turkey - Preventing prison visits violates Constitution, top court rules


Australia - Yarning circles in NSW prisons aim to reduce Indigenous incarceration rates


News 5 August


Cayman Islands - Government moves ahead with new prison plans


Irish Prison Service abandoned project to electronically tag prisoners after spending more than €850,000

Ireland - Violent protest by over 40 inmates at Mountjoy as prisoners removed and sent to other jails

Italy finalises justice reform to help unlock EU funding


Australia - ‘We will see a death’: advocates fear for children inside maximum-security Perth prison after boy self-harms


News 4 August


Canada - COVID-19 outbreak reported at N.B. prison as 17 inmates test positive

Sentencing Project Report Seeks to ‘Unlock the Vote’ in America’s Jails


India - 42 prisoners test positive for Covid-19 in Haridwar jail

Korea - Jail term for unpaid fines too harsh

Philippines - 4,461 BuCor’s prisoners freed as of July 22

Sri Lanka - COVID-19: Prisons Dept. starts administering fourth dose


England and Wales - Plans announced for £400m ‘smart prison’

Northern Ireland - Naomi Long: Court system could remain backlogged until 2028 without extra investment


Australia - As Victoria's incarceration rate rises, children of jailed parents are 'invisible victims', report says

New Zealand - Prison wing rendered 'uninhabitable' after 24-hour rooftop standoff


News 3 August


Zimbabwe - More courts to give increasing population access to justice


Garland swears in new US prisons chief in push for reform

US - Planting Gardens Behind Bars

US - Women in Massachusetts Prisons Targets of Sexual, Mental Abuse: Study


Ireland - Pandemic curtails Irish arrests and jail time abroad

Ireland - Prisoner dies following assault in Mountjoy jail


New Zealand - Fewer inmates, yet prisons spend more on fixing intentional damage


News 2 August


Report reveals impact of Covid-19 lockdown rules on criminal justice systems


Canada - Expansion of prison needle exchange programs going ahead despite pandemic delays

US - Expert says inadequate staffing is driving deaths in prisons across the Gulf South

US - The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Health Of Incarcerated Older Adults In California State Prisons

US - Lawsuit Seeks Compensation For Inmates Over Hawaii’s Response to Covid-19


23 death row prisoners sue Singapore government for denial of justice


England and Wales - Charities warn against ministers getting powers to stop early release from jail

England and Wales - Criminal courts face further disruption as barristers strike for fifth week


New Zealand - Rooftop prison standoff by teen inmates likely a 'cry for help'


News 30 July – 1 August 2022


Moroccan king pardons 1,769 prisoners on occasion of Throne Day


Guyana - Restorative Justice Bill tabled in National Assembly

US - Prison Health Expert Warns Monkeypox Could “Dramatically Increase” Behind Bars, Calls for CDC Action


India - ‘Women are doubly marginalised in jails’: Hurdles to gender-sensitive prison reforms

India - Undertrial prisoners languishing in jails; provide legal aid to speed up their release: PM Narendra Modi


England and Wales - Construction starts in Rochester at 'revolutionary' first UK secure school


News 29 July


US (Massachusetts) - Inmates sue prison system over solitary confinement policies


Belgian prisoners demonstrate against poor conditions, administration responds

England and Wales - Self-harm and suicides on the rise in prisons, Ministry of Justice reveals

England and Wales - Violence has doubled in six months at London’s largest prison


News 28 July


Haiti - Gunshots, fires and new tensions in Port-au-Prince spark fear of prison break, more trouble

US - Hundreds of Thousands of Incarcerated People Are in Danger Amid Scorching Heat


Easy targets: Drug mules fill women’s jails in Hong Kong


Estonia - Madise recommends Tallinn Prison improve conditions for female inmates

France's rights violations in prisons continue amid a crushing heatwave


Australia - Coroner slams lack of 'safe' cells at Perth's Acacia Prison after young Indigenous man's suicide

Australia - Transitional housing support for Indigenous men leaving prison aims to reduce recidivism rates

New Zealand - Victims at risk as justice stalled due to 'exorbitant' court delays

New Zealand - Corrections scrutinises failing drug and alcohol programmes


News 27 July


US - Prisons chief deflects blame for failures, angering senators

US - How Electronic Monitoring Incentivizes Prolonged Punishment

US (Indiana) - Dozens of Inmates Raped, Assaulted, and Harassed After Jailer Sold Male Prisoner a Key to Women’s Wing, Federal Lawsuit Claims


Cambodia - ‘Parole motivating prisoners to behave’


Denmark - Prison staff facing less threats and violence at work

Northern Ireland - Prison Service Must Be 'Adequately Resourced'


Australia (NSW) - Pandemic policing: The impact of COVID-19 fines on the justice system

Australia (ACT) - Visitors banned as prison battles new covid outbreak


News 26 July


Nigeria’s jailbreaks point to a prison system out of step with reality


US - Rates of solitary confinement of incarcerated people with mental illness three times higher than those without mental illness

US - Senators demand answers about federal prisons’ scant use of Covid therapeutics

US - Inmates sue over ‘unsafe and unacceptable’ COVID conditions in CT prisons


England and Wales - ‘Alarming’ increase in self-harm in women’s prisons as more vulnerable people to be jailed, report says

England and Wales - MPs concerned over how new ‘untested’ Swansea centre for female prisoners ‘will operate in practice’

England and Wales - Praise For 'Impressive' Parc YOI's Covid-19 Response

Russia - Prison Torture Victim Dies From Pneumonia – Reports

At least 9 advanced cancer patients in Turkish prisons as of July 2022


New Zealand - Covid-19 outbreak at Invercargill Prison


News 23 – 25 July


Gambia: Housing Facilities At Mile II Prisons Substandard, Unfit for Human Habitation


Canada - COVID-19: Thirteen inmates test positive at B.C. medium-security prison

El Salvador Builds Giant Prison Complex for 40,000 Gang Members

US - Survey Paints Grim Picture of Life in Incarceration

US - Nearly half of Oregon’s inmate population included in first class action suit of its kind

US - Temperatures inside Texas prison units regularly reach 110 degrees, new report says

US - New York Prisons Cut Crucial Lifeline to Incarcerated Individuals and Families Through Arbitrary Package Policy


India - Thane prison inmates lack proper sleeping spcae: CMO informs Court

India - Yerwada Central Prison holds a three times higher population of prisoners than its official capacity

Malaysia - Prisons Dept targets reducing recidivism rate by 10%

Nepal - Prison management bill ensures reproductive right to inmates


England and Wales - Two-thirds of remand prisoners who took own lives were on care plans, FoI reveals

‘You can’t bring my boy back’: why are so many UK prisoners dying on remand?


Australia - WA premier defends shackling of Indigenous teenagers transferred to adult prison


News 22 July


Rwanda Teaching Inmates How To Proudly Return To The Community

South Africa - Prisons overflowing by 33% – Justice Minister Ronald Lamola


US - Inmates at two CoreCivic private prisons in Arizona protest inhumane living conditions following power outage


India - More than 40 million cases pending in lower courts: Govt tells Parliament

Govt aims to end overcrowding in Philippine prisons


News 14 – 21 July


Egypt’s Revolving Jailhouse Door: One Pretrial Detention After Another

Scores of inmates in Zimbabwe want justice served


Antigua - ‘It’s criminal’- Prison boss condemns practice of housing mentally ill inmates at HMP

Canada - COVID-19 outbreak at Dorchester Penitentiary spreads

13 killed in Ecuador prison riot – prisons agency

US - They were released from prison because of COVID. Their freedom didn't last long.

US - We Didn't Release Enough People from Jails and Prisons During the Pandemic

US - Racial inequality over long US prison sentences growing, report finds

US - Kansas corrections system grapples with 22.6% vacancy rate among uniformed prison staff

US - Judge rules against Wisconsin prisons over visitation policy


Cambodia - NGO launching prisoner education programmes

India's huge backlog of court cases delays justice: Experts 

Nepal - Inmates deprived of basic facilities in overcrowded Morang Prison

Philippines - Digitization of records among measures to decongest crowded jails

Sri Lanka - Incarcerations on the rise – Prisons Dept.


England and Wales - UK prisoners ‘traumatised’ by Covid solitary confinement, study says

England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, June 2022

England and Wales - Warnings over 'inconsistent' monitoring of criminals after release from prison

England and Wales - Treatment of UK prisoners during Covid meets UN definition of torture

Dozens commit suicide in Turkish prisons, watchdog says situation reaching ‘crisis levels’


News 13 July


Mozambique: Deaths of Prisoners Blamed On Security Lapses


Jail riot in Dominican Republic leaves one prisoner dead, six injured after inmates protesting inhumane treatment kidnap a guard and set fires to mattresses

‘It’s inhumane’: how US prison work breaks bodies and minds for pennies

US - Covid-19 Strikes Wyoming’s Most Populous Prison as US Cases Rise


Bangladesh - Virtual courts and the future of justice

India - Bail, Not Jail: Why Supreme Courts Has Urged Govt To Frame New Bail Act


England and Wales - Inspectors highlight failings at Nottinghamshire prison

Italy - Inmate COVID infections quadruple in seven days

Scotland - Number of young people inside Polmont prison drops to record low


News 12 July


US - Women In Prison Are Struggling To Access Mental Health And Social Support When They Need It Most

US - The Federal Prisons Agency is Reviewing its Reproductive Care Options for Inmates


Belgium - Emergency measures to accelerate prison staff hiring

Public Discussion on Georgia’s Penitentiary System Held

Scotland - Prison inspection flags overcrowding issues at HMP Low Moss


News 9 – 11 July


Eid Al Adha: Morocco’s King pardons nearly 1000 Inmates


Jamaica - Alarm sounded over collection of prisoners’ DNA

US - ‘They might have to give birth in chains’: Abortion access behind bars after the end of Roe v Wade

Dire US labor shortage provides opportunity for ex-prisoners

US - South Dakota Prison Officers and inmates say broken promises lead to frustration, safety concerns

US - Florida Prisons Propose Cutting Family Visitations, Drawing Sharp Objections

US - Nebraska's Prison Overcrowding Emergency Now in Third Year


How does overcrowding in Belgian prisons damage rehabilitation?

England and Wales - If we’re going to reform prisons, we should start with the prisoners

England and Wales - Criminal courts face further disruption as barristers strike for third week

Mobile phone and drug seizures in Irish prisons increased by 19% in 2021


Australia - Prisoner advocates say a lack of programs at Darwin Correctional Centre is contributing to the NT's high reoffending rates


News 8 July


Canada - COVID-19 outbreak declared at New Brunswick's Dorchester prison


India - 60-year age bar for life convicts removed; move aimed at decongesting U.P. jails


England and Wales - 'Human books' go into prison to be 'read' by inmates in a bid to open up frank conversations

England and Wales - HMP Manchester inmate lay dying with Covid as prison staff refused to tell mum about his condition

Biometrics Commissioner Looks at Facial Recognition in Scottish Prisons


Australia - SA government 'investigating' whether to raise minimum age of criminal responsibility


News 7 July


Barbados - Fewer people in Dodds Prison

US - Bureau Of Prisons Holding Inmates For Longer Than Law Allows


England and Wales - Lewes prisoners locked up for up to 23 hours a day to prevent spread of Covid

Scotland - HMP Glasgow will not solve overpopulation woes, prison chief warns

CPT report on UK: persistent overcrowding and violence in prisons and insufficient legal safeguards for psychiatric patients


Australia - Advocates slam 'disgraceful' decision to move youths to adult jail


News 6 July


OHCHR Asks Honduras To Investigate Prison Gang Massacre

US - Overcrowding, Old Buildings Fueled COVID Surge in California Prisons

US (Oregon) - Incarcerated people at Sheridan prison were denied showers during hunger strike, lawyer says

US - Longstanding hurdles keep attorneys from easily phoning clients in North Dakota prisons


India - Lack of facilities turns visit to Tiruchy Central Prison a harrowing experience for kin of inmates

Japan - COVID cluster leaves 43 inmates, workers at Osaka Prison infected


England and Wales - Barrister strikes are symptom of Britain’s crumbling criminal justice system

Ireland - Covid-19 has brought a halt to a number of serious criminal cases due in court this week

Scotland - Stop jailing so many criminals to ease overcrowding, inspector says


Australia - ‘Traumatised’ Children Are Being Sent to a Maximum-Security Adult’s Prison in WA

Australia - NT prison officers to strike over pay


News 5 July


6 gang members killed in Honduras prison

US - Virginia law stops early inmate releases, angering families

US - New York Prisons Ban Care Packages Containing Food

US - DOCCS drops mask mandate in New York prisons


As Malaysia Softens Death Penalty Stance, Singapore Sentences More to Be Hanged


England and Wales - HMP Brixton: ‘a prison in trouble’

England and Wales - HMP Erlestoke: Report finds 'insufficient progress' with drugs

Scotland - HMP Low Moss: Inmates sharing single cells at overcrowded jail


News 2-4 July


South Africa - Experts concerned about sudden spike in inmate numbers


Death toll rises to 53 in Colombian prison fire

US - Prison reform advocates say the Roe ruling will make it easier to deny care to incarcerated pregnant people: 'It just shows the amount of contempt that these systems have for women'

US - Thousands of federal inmates still await early release under Trump-era First Step Act

US - California Lawmakers Reject Ballot Proposal That Aimed To End Forced Prison Labor

US - Federal Judge Rules Gruesome Medical Neglect in Arizona Prisons Violates Eighth Amendment

US - ‘For Cruelty’s Sake’: State of Alabama diverts $400 million in COVID funds to build prisons, leaving many in dire straits

US (Hawaii) - Civil Beat Law Center Goes To Court To Make Prison Covid-19 Reports Public


Nepal - Prisoners take turn to sleep in crammed jail

Prison conditions in Singapore 'acceptable'; no fans, mattresses in cells for security: Shanmugam

Singapore - Mental health support given for prison inmates with mild and severe conditions


England and Wales - Prison 'congratulated' as report reveals 8 convicts and 57 staff caught covid during pandemic

England and Wales - Investigation launched after death of prisoner at HMP Styal

Irish Prison Service to be placed on statutory basis

Ireland - High number of prisoners with mental health issues raised as State faces exam over human rights record


Australia - Overcrowding creates 'unacceptable' prison conditions at Darwin Correctional Centre, lawyers claim

New Zealand - Prison labour used in new Waikeria Prison build in wake of riot


News 1 July


Ghana - Prison reform advocates reiterate calls for non-custodial sentencing


US - Are Virtual Court Proceedings Here To Stay? All Signs Point To Yes.

US - Rising COVID cases are forcing Kansas to move inmates between prisons

US - 80 people in Oregon’s federal prison go on hunger strike


India - 12 prisoners, 7 officers hurt during clashes at Delhi’s Tihar jail


Belgium - ‘Let us in!’: Saint-Gilles prison outreach staff protest entry restrictions

Luxembourg - Six Schrassig prison officers targeted in brutal attack


News 30 June


Bermuda - New officers being trained, but prisons are still short of staff


England and Wales - Prisoners locked up with too little to do, inspectors say

England and Wales - Women in Prison: Remand in Custody

The overcrowded Welsh prison failing to look after the healthcare needs of inmates


News 29 June


Canada - ‘Crisis’ in federal correctional institutions due to parole programing backlog, lawyer says

Canada - How Ontario's new Justice Centres are rethinking criminal justice

COVID-19 mortality rates by race and ethnicity in U.S. state prisons

US (Oregon) - Inmates at federal prison complex in Sheridan went on hunger strike in protest of extensive lockdowns, poor conditions


Hong Kong - Justice has to remain fair and open in push for remote hearings

India - Corona outbreak in Bihar jails as 80 inmates found positive, 37 from Beur Central Jail

Thailand bars prisons from using inmates to make fishing nets


How has COVID-19 affected the mental health of prison staff in England?

England and Wales - HMP Winchester Governor promises improvements after critical prison inspection report


News 28 June


Ghana - Sunyani Central Prisons to create separate cell blocks for inmates with minor offences


Colombian jail riot leaves 49 inmates dead

US - Supreme Court rules for inmates seeking reduced prison terms

US - Health care in jails and prisons is terrible. The pandemic made it even worse.


Iran - Four Inmates Sick with Tuberculosis at Qarchak Prison


England and Wales - Raft of major justice reforms come into force


New Zealand - Corrections drops vaccine requirements for prison visitors and staff


News 25-27 June


Ghana - We have a proposal to establish community service structure for convicts – Deputy Attorney-General


US - Department Of Justice Proposes Final Rule To End CARES Act For Home Confinement For Federal Prisoners

US - Many people recently released from prison find themselves left behind by technology. A new program gets them up to speed.

US - Formerly Incarcerated Women in Tennessee Win Reforms Ending Shackled Births


India - Nine inmates test positive as Covid-19 cluster found in Nagpur jail

India - State prisons have 166% more inmates than capacity


England and Wales - Dental care at Teesside prison slammed as 'unacceptable' in annual report

England and Wales - New treatment launched to prevent suicides in four men's prisons in the north

England and Wales - Prisoners kept in beyond sentences

Ireland - Prison inspector to cover all detention centres under draft laws

Scotland - Substance use experts tackle health inequalities among people released from prison


News 24 June


Canada - Proposed class-action lawsuit targets Ottawa over prison practice set to become illegal

Haiti: dozens of inmates starve to death as malnutrition crisis engulfs prisons

US - The Graying of America’s Prison Population

US - As Governments Push Us “Back to Normal,” Don’t Forget About Prison Conditions


Prisoners on remand soared to highest level during pandemic as Scotland's prison population fell

One in ten Swiss offenders held in non-prison facilities


News 23 June


Caged and Neglected, the Plight of the Ghanaian Prisoner


Canada - Addressing the overrepresentation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system in Québec

US - Chronic Punishment: The unmet health needs of people in state prisons

US - Philadelphia’s troubled jails would get independent oversight in proposed ballot measure

US - 3 N.Y.C. Detainees Die in Less Than a Week, Bringing Year’s Total to 9


Cambodia - Prisoners receiving fifth Covid-19 vaccinations

Malaysia - Prisons driving inmates mad, says NGO

Myanmar - Junta refuses ICRC request to visit prisoners and allow prison visitors


England and Wales - Prison to get new workshop to help inmates find jobs on release

Inmates in Turkish prisons continue hunger strike despite deteriorating health


News 21 June


Canada - Ottawa woman, group allege Ontario law on jail strip searches unconstitutional

US - “Mental Health Units” in Prison Are Solitary Confinement by Another Name, Activists Say


Building of Malaysia’s ‘largest’ prison not helpful in addressing overcrowding or root issues of crime, say experts and NGO


Sanctions and measures without deprivation of liberty in Europe: annual statistics for 2021

England and Wales - If you decide to cut staff, people die’: how Nottingham prison descended into chaos

England and Wales - HMP Lowdham Grange: Concern over rise in prison assaults

Scottish lawyers express dissatisfaction with virtual court system - new survey


News 18-20 June


India - Need to hire 400 more staff members to give phone, video call access to jail inmates: Maha govt tells HC

Malaysia’s largest prison, which could house 3,000, to be built in Kelantan, says Home Ministry

Malaysian prison invites big companies to join inmate rehabilitation programmes


England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, May 2022

England and Wales - £500 million boost to create thousands of new prison places

New data reveals the decline in access to justice in England and Wales

Thousands of victims of violent and sexual crime stuck in England and Wales court backlog

Landline phones being installed in every prison cell in Ireland

One in four UK prisoners has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, says report


Australia - More unrest at troubled WA juvenile prison

New Zealand - Nearly 800 frontline prison jobs unstaffed as guards quit 'in droves'


News 17 June


Canada - Backlogged justice system can’t return to pre-pandemic ways, chief justice warns

US - Report: Oklahoma Prisons Plagued With Staffing Shortages, Operational Inefficiencies

US (New York) - Proposed legislation would ban most solitary confinement at Rikers


India prison report: More than 75% of those in jail are not convicts but undertrials

India - 1,440 convicts, out on Covid parole, yet to return to jails


England and Wales - Covid saw HMP Bure prisoners locked in cells for 23 hours a day

France urged to drastically improve situation in overcrowded jails


Australia (NSW) - Law Society briefs AG on benefits of retaining COVID court measures for fairer access to justice


News 16 June


Nigeria - Senate seeks trial of prison officials over illegal remand of children


Canada - Prisons are failing to comply with solitary confinement reforms: senators

El Salvador's Security Crackdown May Feed Gang Recruitment

US prison workers produce $11bn worth of goods and services a year for pittance

US (Ohio) - Women more likely in prison due to drugs than men, study finds


New UAE law to help convicts find job after serving prison term


England and Wales - Sentencing for serious offences has ‘lost its way’, says report


Australia - WA prisons introducing full-body X-ray scanners to detect hidden contraband


News 15 June


US - The land of the free leads the world in incarceration. Why?

US - 1st federal prison to experience COVID-19 outbreak now short-staffed: Officials


India - Jail inmates-run fuel station to operate 24x7 in Kurukshetra

Pakistan - ‘Blood Screening Mandatory For Jail Inmates’


Belgium - Release prisoners six months early to tackle overcrowding, says Justice Minister

England and Wales - Prison leavers tagged to cut alcohol-fuelled crime


News 14 June


India’s prisons need administrative reforms

Japan - EDITORIAL: Revised penal code should help in rehabilitation of prison inmates

Pakistan - Jail officers ordered to enforce prisons reforms


Belgium ordered to tackle worsening situation in prisons

England and Wales - End to Friday prison releases to cut crime

England and Wales - No showers, 23 and a half hour lock-ups and bad food, says prisoner at Doncaster jail

Ireland - Prison pilot project strengthens family ties


News 11-13 June


Zimbabwe - Inmates narrate Remand Prison horror, trash new virtual courts system


Canada Moves to Decriminalize Possession of ‘Hard’ Drugs


India - In new policy, UP removes 60-year age bar for release of life-term prisoners

India - Starting afresh: how women at Tihar jail are upskilling, breaking stereotypes

Japan passes bill to make online insults punishable with prison time

Guards deny female inmates drinking water after protest in Myanmar’s Insein Prison

Pakistan - As judicial lock-up runs out of space, police opt for e-hearing


‘Digital reintegration’: Video visits remain popular in Belgian prisons


News 10 June


Thailand decriminalizes cannabis, becomes first Asian country to remove ban


Danish government fails to fund Kosovo prison over EU law row

England and Wales - Crown Court backlog increases

England and Wales - Prison on lockdown with families unable to visit and inmates 'unable to shower'

Scotland - Concern expressed over courts system backlog


News 9 June


Kenya - Radical inmates and congestion pose challenge for prisons, says Matiang'i

Video Showing How Prisoners In Zimbabwe Sleep Divides Opinion


US - Biden's sentencing panel noms vow to implement criminal justice reform law


Thailand - Thousands of cannabis offenders being released, but not all


Scotland - SNP plans to cut prisoner numbers branded 'complete madness'


News 8 June


Kenya - Gov’t commits to developing infrastructure in prisons

South Africa: The Justice System Is Showing Signs of Rot


Canada - In-person visits suspended at B.C. prison after COVID-19 outbreak

US (Missouri) - Nonprofit trains prison inmates to help fill technology worker shortage


Fears of tuberculosis outbreak at Bahraini prison


England and Wales - Prison and Probation Service’s tagging ambition ‘outstripped its ability to deliver’

Presumed innocent but detained for months pretrial in Germany and EU

Russian MPs vote to quit European Court of Human Rights

Prison overcrowding remains a problem in prisons in French-speaking Switzerland: Anti-torture committee report


Australia - Advocates concerned over use of isolation in Victoria’s youth justice system, despite drop in numbers


News 2- 7 June


Reforms in Ghana’s Prisons: The Quest to improve lives of inmates

South Africa - Over-populated prisons a concern as crime rises in KwaZulu-Natal

Zimbabwe - Chikurubi prison falling apart


Barbados - Dodds’ COVID cases ‘manageable’

El Salvador accused of ‘massive’ human rights violations with 2% of adults in prison

US - ‘Too little too late’: Unpacking Biden’s moves to improve federal prisons’ response to Covid-19

In historic shift, far fewer teens face adult US courts

US - Michigan prisons ban Spanish and Swahili dictionaries to prevent inmate disruptions

US (North Carolina) - Prisons were some of the hardest hit places during the pandemic. What are the next steps forward?

US - New York’s Prison Package Ban Places New Burdens On The Incarcerated

US - Inmate Shuffle: How California Bounces Around Its Mentally Ill Prisoners


Pakistan - Revisions In Jail Manual Proposed To Improve Educational Capacity Of Prisoners

Singapore - 87% of probation orders that ended last year successfully completed, highest in a decade: MSF

Sri Lanka - Prison labour to be used to cultivate short-term crops

Thailand - Prison labour hired to clean Bangkok's drains


England and Wales - ‘Price to pay’ for boring prison lockdowns, says chief inspector

England and Wales - The impact and recovery from COVID-19 for children in custodial settings

England and Wales - Criminals must pass three new tests before transfer to open prison


Australia - Inhumane conditions in Tas prison: judge

New Zealand - Mt Eden prison staff crisis: 102 vacancies, double-bunking to increase nationally


News 1 June


Canada - Prison service must do more to remove barriers for Indigenous, Black offenders: AG

US - How the newest federal prison became one of the deadliest

US - Enrollment in Prisons Continued to Climb, Despite the Pandemic


Malta - Slashing court delays ‘a priority’ – Justice Minister


Australia - Submissions to Women's Safety and Justice Taskforce reveal systemic and community failure


News 31 May


Canada - Overrepresentation of Indigenous Women in Jails Hits Record Levels in BC

Traumatised families demand reforms after Ecuador prison riots

The El Salvador diaries: The psychology of mass incarceration

US - First Step Act Inaction Keeps Federal Inmates In Prison


India - Govt relaxes rules for early release of convicts from jail

Nepal - Custodial deaths continue with little being done towards investigation

S. Korean rights watchdog urges resolution of prison overcrowding


England and Wales - New jails may not open due to lack of staff, prisons chief admits

England and Wales - Forest Bank Prison is damned by inspectors despite beefing up security and major refurbishment

England and Wales - Frustration as prisoners’ time out of cell at HMP Belmarsh cut due to staff shortages


New Zealand - Prison riots: Corrections to centrally record squad deployments after Newstalk ZB investigation


News 28 – 30 May


People for Peace: Breaking prison barriers in Central African Republic


Canada supreme court rules life without chance of parole is ‘cruel’ and illegal

Canada - Fed up with lockdowns, some Springhill prison inmates actively trying to get COVID-19

US - Aging in Prison: How Older Generations Fight for Dignity and Release

US - Crime is low, but Connecticut’s prison population is on the rise again. Here’s why.


England and Wales - Number of violent attacks at Gartree Prison fell dramatically during the Covid lockdowns

Scotland - 'Ground-breaking' American trauma project being delivered at Barlinnie


Australia - Prison healthcare contractor denies cover-up after Indigenous woman’s death


News 27 May


Non-custodial sentencing key to reducing congestion in Ghana’s prisons – Prison Service


US - The 1990s Law That Keeps People in Prison on Technicalities

US - Biden Moves to Improve Public Health Conditions in Federal Prisons and Jails

US - Court denies Oregon’s request to scrap lawsuit over prison COVID cases

US (Delaware) - State prison system limits vistitors after Covid cases increase in region


Cambodia - Lawyer-inmate rooms at prisons in heavy use

India - State prisons: ‘Mulaqats’ resumed, but poor infra keeps families of prisoners away

Myanmar - Family members of inmates call for allowing prison visits


Malta - Inmates will meet their children outside prison in new Marsa family room


News 26 May


Canada - Addressing the overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in the criminal justice system in British Columbia

US - Three years after ICIJ’s ‘Solitary Voices,’ isolation still commonplace in US prisons and detention centers

US - Cost of Calls Weighs on Prisoners’ Families as CFPB Cracks Down

US - ‘Always a possibility of change’: incarcerated teens seek justice as adults


Rights Of Indian Prisoners To Equitable Wages And Application Of Labor Laws In Prisons


England and Wales - Justice minister denies ‘legal aid advice deserts’ in face of evidence of widespread failures


New Zealand - Deputy director among nine Rimutaka Prison staff suspended amid corruption probe


News 25 May 


Egypt issued highest number of death sentences worldwide in 2021

Ghana Prisons Service calls for more vocational establishments in prisons

South Africa: Why Independent Healthcare Inside Prisons Is Vital


‘Like living in a concentration camp’: Haitian prisons run out of food and water


Malaysia - Set up independent panel to monitor prison conditions, govt told

Malaysia - Prison reform: Suaram identifies issues, solutions in latest report


England and Wales - Winchester prison is 'one of the most violent prisons in the country'


News 24 May


US - Supreme Court makes it tougher for inmates to win release from prison due to bad lawyering claims

US - Compassionate release for aging prisoners isn't enough

US - Mass. has lowest incarceration rate in 35 years; experts say there is room to improve


India - Mental health report required before sentencing anyone to death, says Supreme Court

S. Korea installs sensors to prevent suicides in new military prison

Thailand - 2% of inmates are mentally ill


England and Wales - Prisoners screened for Hepatitis C in Lewes Prison as part of efforts to eliminate virus

Turkey extends COVID-19 leaves for convicts till July 2023


News 20 – 23 May


US - Bill pushes feds to notify families of sick, dying inmates

US - Two Years of COVID-19 Have Fueled a Crisis of Isolation in Prisons


Thailand - New Phuket prison already 85% full


England and Wales - Children carrying weapons at most violent prison in England, inspectors warn

England and Wales - New centre to be piloted as alternative to prison for women convicted of low-level crimes

England and Wales - Open up regimes more quickly, urges HMIP

Human rights organizations demand to know if Turkish authorities have taken precautions against COVID-19 as prisons are set to return to full capacity


Australia - WA prison staffing systems 'shambolic' and 'chaotic', auditor-general report says


News 19 May


Gambia: TRRC Recommends State Develop Alternative Systems of Imprisonment


US - COVID-19 Restrictions May Be Easing, but in Prison We’re Still Here Alone

US - Counties Pledge to Break the Cycle Between Jail and Homelessness

US - Vaccine mandate struck down in court as cases climb in California prisons


Severe Overcrowding as Israel's Prison Population Hits 15,000


England and Wales - HMP Humber prison to step up procedures after inmate dies following fall in protest over missing medication

England and Wales - Defendants incorrectly remanded in custody as a result of a widespread misuse of Bail Act

England and Wales - Crown courts ‘struggling’ to find enough judges and lawyers to deal with backlog

Assaults on staff by inmates in Irish prisons rose by 30% in 2021


News 18 May


Gambia - TRRC hints need for prison facilities with democratic standards

Liberia: LNBA Wants Gov’t Construct More Prison Facilities


Mexico - Chief justice’s visit with inmates highlights the vices of preventative prison

US (Pennsylvania) - Despite high vaccination rates among Pa. prisoners, some COVID restrictions remain in place


The impact of COVID-19 vaccination in prisons in England and Wales: a metapopulation model

England and Wales - 'Chaotic' adult prison education system crying out for overhaul

Ireland - Pop-up prison restaurant aiming to train inmates as chefs and waitstaff in bid to solve hospitality staff crisis

Phone seizures in Irish prisons double in five years


News 17 May


Kenya: Utilize New Dispute Resolution Methods to Decongest Courts, Expedite Justice - Koome


Canada - Documents show a pattern of human rights abuses against gender diverse prisoners

Cuba's new penal code keeps death penalty as an option

Will Soaring Arrests in El Salvador Overwhelm its Prisons?

US - How the pandemic affected incarcerated people and their loved ones


850 foreigners doing time in Nepali prisons


England and Wales - Women are more likely to become homeless after being released from prison than men, analysis shows

England and Wales - UK criminal justice creaking under ‘unacceptable’ levels of delay

Ireland - Judge criticises prison service over hearing delays


News 14 – 16 May


Ghana - Criminalization of drumming, begging not justified – Head of GIMPA Law Department


Trinidad & Tobago - Prisons boss weighs conjugal visits for ‘good’ inmates

Some U.S. inmates released under COVID protocols challenge orders to return to prison


Philippines - 1 dead, 9 injured in QC jail riot

Thailand - Prisons must not force released inmates to quarantine: minister

Thailand’s Corrections Dept. to resume relatives visit next week


Cyprus - Delays to implementing juvenile justice system reform

England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, April 2022


Australia - NSW government refuses to close legal loophole allowing prison staff to strip-search children


News 13 May


Ghana - Kumasi Central Prison: 63 per cent of inmates are petty offenders

South Africa - Wellness drive focuses on improving working conditions of prison staff

Tanzania plans to introduce mobile courts to decongest cases awaiting trial


First Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts launched in Guyana

Jamaica - Prisons to ditch ‘archaic’ paper-based system

US - Female incarceration rates decrease with gender equality in education


Saudi's General Directorate of Prisons launches a remote visit service for first-degree relatives


New Zealand - Corrections staff exodus blamed on wages, conditions, return to pre-pandemic careers


News 12 May


Ghana - ‘You need to perform magic for inmates to eat’ – Chief Superintendent of Prisons

Liberia: PFI Renovates Prison Facilities, Appeals for More Help


Barbados - COVID-19 cases at Dodds are up

Ecuador: New Disorders in Prison Where 44 Prisoners Were Killed

Sint Maarten - Prison director provides IPKO with prison updates

U.S. inmates condemned to die are spending more time on death row


England and Wales - Rape victims give up fight for justice as court delays worsen


News 11 May

More than 400,000 new jail places created last year as global prison population hits all time high


Canadian prison system failing Indigenous peoples

Ecuador: In light of new prison massacre, authorities must address structural causes

US - Overnight Child Visitation Program returns to Tennessee women's prisons after COVID suspension


Israel - Prison health system severely understaffed, lacking in multiple areas - comptroller report


England and Wales - Most women freed from Bronzefield Prison lack safe accommodation – report

England and Wales - Black women facing more racism in prison, says report

England and Wales - Devolve justice to cut prison population says Welsh Counsel General


Australia - New computer links to keep prisoners in isolation connected and COVID-safe


News 10 May

Governments are routinely ‘over-policing, over-prosecuting and over-punishing’, says justice watchdog

Covid-19: Urgent call to lift restrictions banning visitors in places of detention


ULS partners with UN to decongest Uganda prisons


Ecuador prison riot leaves 43 dead in latest bloody episode

The clothing brand offering Peru’s prisoners an escape

US (Kentucky) - Ky. jails and prisons are over capacity. New analysis suggests it’s going to get worse.


Malaysia - Provide updates on inquests into custodial deaths, coroners urged

Thailand - Prison visits to resume from May 16


WHO report highlights a new approach to reducing NCD risks in prisons

England and Wales - Hundreds of mentally ill prisoners denied urgent treatment in England

England and Wales - ‘My world fell apart’: life in prison with serious mental illness

Netherlands - Courts should take charge in commuting life sentences, not Cabinet ministers: Council


Australia - Prison Pandemic Preparations Praised


News 7 – 9 May


America’s dirty secret is thousands going to jail every day without talking to a lawyer, attorney says

US - Fourth inmate dies at Rikers Island as deadline to fix crisis-plagued NYC prison looms

US - In Texas prisons, men have access to significantly more higher education programs than women


India - Ensure jails have proper medical facilities: HC tells DG Prisons

India - Prisoners can no longer seek emergency Covid-19 parole: Bombay HC

Thousands face jail as Jordan heads to lift moratorium on debt imprisonment

Pakistan - Punjab’s soaring prison population a nightmare


England and Wales - Prison firm made £11m in year Ofsted raised alarm about safety at youth jail

England and Wales - Three-quarters of children on remand last year did not go on to receive a custodial sentence


Australia - Victoria’s prison healthcare system should match community healthcare

Australia - Covid runs amok at AMC

New Zealand - One in five prisoners not vaccinated against Covid-19


News 6 May


Canada - How prisons are using COVID-19 containment measures as a guise for torture

Canada - Ottawa criticized for ‘rehashed responses’ on overrepresentation of Indigenous women in federal prisons

US - Focused on Rehabilitation: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Unveils ‘Little Scandinavia’ at SCI Chester


India - Maharashtra: Over 4,000 prisoners released due to pandemic ordered to return


England and Wales - ‘Horrendous, inhumane and degrading treatment’ – inquest hears about prisoner death

Ireland - Covid measures to be eased in prisons

Turkey - 80K inmates who benefited from temporary release due to pandemic to return to prison


News 5 May


Covid-19: Hong Kong eases curbs on prison visits as infections fall

Philippines - Visitors of PDLs now accepted in BuCor’s 7 prison facilities

Thailand - Dept to ensure better prison food after complaints


England and Wales - 'Last of its kind' Colchester prison raises concerns as criminals including sex offenders freed without supervision

HMP Barlinnie gets first prison body scanner in Scotland in efforts to curb smuggling


Australia - Alice Springs prison officers strike, claim facility chronically understaffed


News 4 May


Libya - 170 prisoners escape from Mellitah prison west of Tripoli


India - HC seeks Maha govt's reply on withdrawal of voice, video call facilities for inmates in prisons


England and Wales - Month on month increase in violence at HMP Exeter despite ‘urgent notification’ issued four years ago

Malta - Court finds prison authorities guilty of degrading and inhuman treatment


New Zealand - Prison staff warned to hide their uniforms outside work due to safety concerns


News 30 April – 3 May


Pages for pardons? In Bolivia, inmates can cut jail time by reading

Canada - Inmate's COVID-19 experience in Her Majesty's Penitentiary doesn't warrant a lighter sentence, Newfoundland judge finds


India has court backlog of 40 million cases, chief justice says

India - SC directs prisoners released on parole in Kerala due to Covid-19 to surrender within 2 weeks

Pakistan - Sindh govt grants six-month remission to prisoners on Eid


Prison overcrowding in Belgium delays application of ‘shorter sentences’

England and Wales - Prisoner assaults soared after Covid restrictions eased at Full Sutton

England and Wales - Magistrates can now jail people for up to a year

Ireland - Overcrowding in prisons putting inmates and staff at risk, says Dublin TD


Australia - Darwin prison officers allege 'under-staffing and overcrowding' during wage freeze protest on May Day

New Zealand - Māori even more overrepresented in prisons, despite $98m strategy


News 29 April


Kenya: 5,000 Petty Offenders to Be Freed From Prison in Decongestion Program


Canada - Intelligence agency needs to keep a closer watch on extremism in prisons, report says

Canada - COVID-19 outbreak declared at Kitchener women's prison, 3 cases detected

US -Connecticut Senate passes bill meant to improve health care for prison inmates


Indonesia - Government to expedite COVID-19 vaccination at South Sumatra's prisons

Jordan to criminalise begging with up to one year in jail


England and Wales - City firms pledge to employ ex-offenders as prisons minister calls on bosses to ‘break offending cycle’

Isle of Man Prison policies changed after inmate death, inquest hears


Australia (NT) - Prison officers to take strike action across the Territory


News 28 April


Kenya - 1000 probation officers to be hired in prison decongestion plan


US - With COVID-19 Cases On Rise, Bureau Of Prisons Slowly Still Transferring Inmates Under CARES Act

US - South Dakota prison staffing shortages leave inmates with no showers


UAE - Dubai Police prepare inmates for life after prison with university courses


Prison reform: Belgium increases psychiatric support for inmates

Denmark agrees €15 million deal to send 300 foreign prisoners to Kosovo

Number of children in custody in England and Wales set to double by 2024

England and Wales - PAC: ‘Spend to save’ on women in the criminal justice system

England and Wales - Kirkham Prison management slammed for failing to crack down on drugs

Germany: Top court hears case on prisoners' wages

Ireland - Prison chief says gangs not in control of life in jails

Ireland - Jail ‘rarely’ cost-effective for short-sentence prisoners

Ireland - Prison officers launch stinging attack over treatment of staff during Covid-19 pandemic

Report demands urgent action on mental health support in Scottish prisons


News 27 April


Ghana's 'life-threatening' prisons 'overflow' with faeces as 100 share one toilet – US Report

Tanzania - Union Day: Samia frees 3,826 inmates


US - How I Helped Fight Vaccine Misinformation While In Prison


Jordan - Lawmakers pass amendments to Penal Code bill

Singapore - First batch of prison inmates graduates with precision engineering skills to boost job prospects


England and Wales - Prison service failing to tackle radicalisation in jails, report warns

England and Wales - Mentally unwell women are being sent to prison instead of hospital due to lack of NHS beds, MPs warn

England and Wales - 'No light at end of tunnel': Hundreds stuck behind bars under law abolished in 2012

England and Wales - Inmates at Hull prison still being locked up for up to 23 hours a day

England and Wales - ‘Crumbling’ criminal justice system hampered by £1bn repair bill and lack of judges - MPs

Ireland - Prison Officers warn overcrowding, violence becoming major problem

Ireland - Foreign nationals get one-third higher prison terms on average than Irish-born criminals

Italy - 107 indictments asked for prison violence


Australia - Sinks, metal sheeting pulled from prison walls during violent riot over forced lockdown


News 26 April


Eid Al-Fitr 2022: Prison Inmates in Morocco Allowed To Receive Food Baskets

Namibia: UN to Help Prisons Grow Food


US - California does not have to require prison workers to get COVID vaccines, court rules

US - 'Our families count too': Months after suspension, visitation to resume at Kentucky prisons


England and Wales - Rate of self-harm amongst women prisoners eight times that of men

England and Wales - Jail praised for unlocking prisoners for seven hours a day

Scots victims of crime facing 'wait for justice'


Australia - Inquest into Aboriginal woman’s death in custody to examine healthcare in Victoria’s prisons


News 23-25 April


St Lucia - Bordelais Correctional Facility Recommences In-Person Visits

US - How a Race-Based Medical Formula Is Keeping Some Black Men in Prison

US (Pennsylvania) - 29 people died in Philly jails in the pandemic. City officials say they did a ‘good job’

US - Life after life in California's prisons


Indonesia - Inmates' transfer temporarily solves prison overcrowding issue

Pakistan - Committee to formulate strategy for betterment of prison system


Netherlands - Parliament divided over maximum 25 years prison sentence for manslaughter


News 22 April

UN: Make Reporting on Covid-19 in Prisons Mandatory


Morocco Prisons To Prioritize Humane Detention, Social Reintegration

Coverup in Nigerian Prison As TB Hits, Kills Several Inmates


El Salvador to Speed Up Construction of Prisons


Cambodia - Prison population drops, overcrowding eases


New Zealand - Remand unit closed after prison inspection


News 21 April


South Africa - DCS To Tighten Up Processes To Prevent Corruption After Two Prison Escapes

Togo resumes prison visits after a two-year ban


Canada - A B.C. prison that made it 2 years without a COVID-19 outbreak now has 59 cases


Prison overcrowding: Anti-torture committee calls for limits on prison inmate numbers and promoting non-custodial measures

England and Wales - Number of prisoners stuck in solitary confinement a real worry, prisons watchdog warns

Ireland - 30% Increase In Assaults On Prison Officers In 2021


News 14 – 20 April


Covid-19 Togo: les visites aux détenus désormais autorisées

A legal-realist assessment of the Zimbabwean correctional system response to COVID-19 during state disaster measures


US - Why Prison Reintegration Programs Are Needed and Who’s Doing It Right

US - Federal Bureau Of Prisons’ Medical Care Falls Short Of Its Own Policy

US - ‘It’s An Emergency’: Tens Of Thousands Of Incarcerated People Are Sexually Assaulted Each Year

US (Nevada) - Low-level parole violations clog prisons, derail parolee progress. Can reforms help?

US - Vermont's Prisons Open to Visitors Again, Ending a Two-Year Restriction


India - Consider conditional release of single woman prisoners, Orissa HC

Rights groups pull no punches over Indonesian prisons

Myanmar junta frees 1,600 from jail but not political prisoners

Taiwan - Lawmakers pass amendment reducing jail time for growing pot for self-use

Thailand - New rule on royal pardon put in place


Hundred new prison welfare projects launched in Belgium will ‘cost society nothing’

England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, March 2022

England and Wales - HMP Bullingdon: Concern over drugs in jail after prisoner's death

Around 5% of all Irish prison staff to get randomly drug tested under new scheme

Romanian prisons continue to face extensive challenges

Scotland - SNP accused of ‘hopelessly mismanaging’ prisons as over 1,500 cons doubling up in cells


Australia - WA prison staff shortage will lead to disaster, Prison Officers' Union warns

Australia - WA prison inspector uncovers cruel conditions inside Banksia Hill Detention Centre

Australia (Tasmania) - COVID prisons outbreak puts staff and inmates at risk


News 13 April


Ghana - Hold national dialogue on prison reform - CCF to Government


US - There are thousands fewer people in Wisconsin’s prisons than before the pandemic. What happened?


Iran: seriously ill prisoners denied medical care and left to die - new report


Authorities launch AI project to modernise Finnish prison labour


New Zealand - Mental health focus for prison reform


News 12 April


Nigeria - Riot in Rivers prison leaves one dead, many others with bullet wounds

Zimbabwe - ZPCS brings back family week


Trinidad & Tobago - Prison Service resumes in-person visits


England and Wales - Inspectorate of Prisons criticises progress at YOI Deerbolt

England and Wales - Isle of Wight prison failings revealed after murderer's suicide

England and Wales - HMP Ford near Arundel criticised for living conditions

Serious incidents of self-harm more than double at Jersey's La Moye Prison


Australia - Risdon Prison minimum-security facility locked down after surge in COVID-19 cases

Australia - Call to rehabilitate SA prison system


News 9 – 11 April


HRW raises alarm after outbreak of cholera in Cameroon prison

Egypt: Prisons employ 'systemic sexual violence' against detainees

South Africa - Prison visits allowed again after long lockdown ban


US - Report finds systemic issues increase COVID-19 cases in incarcerated communities


India - Maharashtra among six states where women in jails exceed capacity

Jordan plans electronic tags for detainees to avoid prison overcrowding

Malaysia - Prisons chief: Only 14.97% of ex-convicts reoffend

Philippines - BuCor: 88% of 48,991 inmates fully vaccinated; 19% with booster jabs

Thailand - 120,000 busted for drugs in past 6 months

Thailand - Jail-term reduction rules set


England and Wales - Governor says more time in cell has made prison safer

Ireland - Long-awaited reports into Dóchas women's prison kept under wraps by Department

Jersey - Prison governor: Staff shortages ‘not as dire as being made out’

Jail attacks on Northern Ireland prison officers double in year

High levels of jail time in Portugal

Shock as 25 inmates at Scots prisons die by suicide as victim's family lawyer demands bosses face criminal sanctions

Prisons population at highest in Turkey’s history


HCV reinfection common in Australian prisons, study finds


News 8 April


US (Vermont) - In-person visits at all Vt. prisons expected to resume soon


England and Wales - Female black and Asian prisoners detail racism endured in landmark report

Turkey Builds More Prisons to Hold Exploding Jail Population

Implementation of novel and conventional outbreak control measures in managing COVID-19 outbreaks in a large UK prison


New Zealand - Inspectorate launches review into prisoner suicides, serious self-harm incidents after 'sharp increase'


News 7 April


South Africa - Prison visits reinstated as National State of Disaster ends

Zimbabwe - Prison officers get training on human rights


Canadian inmates still face isolation amounting to torture, experts say

Ecuador's deadly prison riots show no signs of slowing


Ireland - Covid outbreak in two prisons sees visits suspended and rollout of mass testing

Turkey’s Justice Ministry to ask prison administrations about widespread torture claims


News 6 April


Ecuador prison death toll rises to 20, authorities regain control

El Salvador to build prison for 20,000 gang members, says President Bukele

US Virgin Islands - BOC not complying with prison monitoring requirements


Cambodia - GDP: Nearly 100% of inmates vaccinated for Covid


Cyprus’ prison population down almost 30% but still overcrowded

Ireland – Cork Prison adopts new restrictions after 90 Covid cases

Irish Prison Service rejects claims Covid prisoners are 'living in a zoo'

Luxembourg - Prison population declines by one-third over ten years

Northern Ireland leads Europe in level of life sentences handed out to prisoners, says report

Scotland’s prison population rate remains above European average


Australia - Life after prison: Victoria expands jobs program for ex-offenders in bid to reduce recidivism


News 5 April


Tunisia PM pledges to improve detention conditions, reduce overcrowding in prisons


US - Judge grants class-action status to prisoners sickened by COVID in Oregon


One Killed, Five Injured as Myanmar Junta Quells Prison Protest


Council of Europe’s annual penal statistics: Covid-19 pandemic helped reduce Europe’s prison population

Belgian prisons in top 5 most densely populated in Europe

England and Wales - Prisoners have no lessons for two years due to Covid, report says

Ireland - Outbreak of Covid-19 confirmed at Cork Prison

Covid Scotland: Longer time limits for court cases should not be the new normal, say MSPs

Torture, mistreatment not allowed in Turkish prisons, justice minister claims


News 2-4 April


Algeria: president pardons 1,000+ prisoners

Five prisoners killed as Cameroon’s cholera outbreak spreads to prison

South Africa - Inspectorate launches a probe into G4S prison conduct


New riot at Ecuadorian prison leaves at least another 12 inmates dead


Open Prisons Work - Lessons From India

Life in Japan: The softer corners and harder edges of the Japanese justice system


England and Wales - Justice delayed: The human cost of the courts backlog

England and Wales - End of the line for random drug tests in prisons

‘Not forgotten’: Prisoners prep to vote in French election

Scotland's prisons must look at wider reform after under-18s rule change


Australia - Victorian mentoring program keeping women out of prison at risk of closing due to lack of funds


News 1 April


US - Bureau Of Prisons Is Overworking Its Most Critical Staff Positions During First Step Act Implementation

U.S. Correctional Population Drops 22% Over Decade

US - Local jails are helping drive America’s mass incarceration problem

US - New York's new solitary confinement guidelines take effect Friday


New norms in Brunei judiciary due to pandemic: Chief Justice


England and Wales - Crime victims left in limbo as ‘unacceptable’ court backlogs increase wait for justice

France - Prisons: the number of detainees rises above 70,000 for the first time since the pandemic

Latvia - Restrictions on prison inmates' participation in local elections ruled unconstitutional


News 31 March

Fighting COVID-19 in prisons: WHO report presents best practices from countries


Eight Egyptian rights organisations call for real reform to prisons


India - From now, 'FASTER' release of prisoners granted bail; CJI launches software for e-transfer of orders to jail

India - Personal loans up to Rs 50,000 at 7% interest for prisoners in Maharashtra jails

Japan's revised Juvenile Law set to take effect as age of adulthood lowered to 18


Cyprus - Cabinet gives green light for prison facility for juveniles to be set up

England and Wales - As life returns to normal, how come prisons are still in lockdown?

Scotland - Under-18s will no longer be sent to young offender institutions

Scotland - £3.2m to strengthen remand alternatives


News 30 March


Egypt - All inmates nationwide to be granted 2 exceptional visits on occasion of Holy month of Ramadan


Canada - 'It's inhumane': Many federal inmates haven't seen their loved ones in over 2 years

Guyana: Prisoner stabbed to death over bed space

US - Connecticut legislature looks to establish oversight for prison health care


Bangladesh - 72pc of death sentence recipients poor

India - Rules amended to carry out prisoner-centric reforms


England and Wales - Six out out of 10 women in prison are victims of domestic abuse, says new report

Ireland - Prisoners need 'decent second chance', committee hears


News 29 March


El Salvador locks down prisons after wave of 87 killings over weekend

US - Preliminary report shows no spike in recidivism for prisoners released early by Oregon governor

US - 2 Mass. prisons mishandled COVID and neglected prisoners, report by disability advocates claims


Philippines - BuCor’s 7 prison facilities Covid free


Ireland - COVID concerns as prison population 'creeping upwards'

Turkey - Mothers and children suffer from overcrowding, sickness and neglect in Izmir’s Şakran Prison

Mothers and babies join protest against UK imprisonment of pregnant women


Australia - COVID-19 lockdowns see WA prisoners go days without washing or exercise


News 26 – 28 March


El Salvador isolates imprisoned gang members after emergency decreed

US (Connecticut) - CT prisoners testify on solitary confinement bill


Cambodia - GDP: Prison conditions improve in 2021

Philippines - 86% of BuCor’s PDLs fully vaccinated


England and Wales - Soaring numbers of rape and murder trials delayed as courts fail to get a grip on Covid backlog

Ireland - Minister for Justice to examine murder sentencing reforms

Scotland - Edinburgh prisoner, 34, 'begged' for help before dying alone in cell from Covid


New Zealand - Prison staff concerned after serious assaults on workers jump 50 per cent

Exclusive: 'Expensive failure' - New Zealand's cost per prisoner rises while jail population dwindles


News 25 March


US - Prisoners with links to organized crime are commonly denied compassionate release

US (North Carolina) - Report: 2020 saw a record number of deaths in NC jails

US - Wyoming prisons relax pandemic measures


Hong Kong - Relief for inmates as visits ban eased

India - Inmates who have completed half their prison sentence likely to be released, Centre to issue advisory soon


England and Wales - Prisoner calls to Samaritans helpline increased by 60% during pandemic

England and Wales - New Grendon prison plans rejected by Buckinghamshire Council


Australia - ‘Long overdue’: MPs call for review of Victoria’s bail laws that disproportionately affect women

New Zealand - Covid-19: Invercargill Prison creates isolation unit


News 24 March


US – ‘It’s A Money Grab’: Billions in Covid Relief Going To Fund Police And Prisons


Cambodia - ICRC urged to help mentally-ill women in jail

India - UP govt lifts ban on visitors to jail after dip in Covid cases

India - Coimbatore: As Covid ebbs, Central prison starts admitting prisoners directly

Thailand - Annual prison report highlights inadequate COVID-19 response, sub-standard conditions


England and Wales - Durham Prison sees violence fall during lockdown – but overcrowding concerns remain

England and Wales - Woman prisoner with brain injury held in solitary confinement for over 1,000 days, IMB reveals


New Zealand - New Waikeria Prison facility delayed to 2023 due to Covid-19 disruptions


News 23 March


Trinidad & Tobago - Immediate changes to prison infrastructure after jail break

US - COVID-Fueled Solitary Confinement Still Plagues Prisons and Jails


India - Union Cabinet approves release of prisoners in jail for minor offences

Malaysia - 86.5% of prisoners vaccinated against Covid-19, says minister


Greece - Covid outbreak reported at maximum-security wing of Domokos Prison

Covid-19 spread twice as fast in Greek prisons

Ireland - 31 cases of Covid confirmed in Portlaoise Prison in March


Outbreak of Covid-19 in Cook Islands prison


News 22 March


US - Cap on ‘Egregious’ Prison Phone Costs Set for Senate Panel Vote


India - Overcrowded District Jail in Shillong Forced to Keep Inmates 3 Times the Capacity

Malaysia - Community rehabilitation can save prison system RM182mil annually, says Home Minister


England and Wales - Ofsted prisons report finds literacy skills neglected

England and Wales - Hundreds object to new Grendon prison plans

Portugal - Courts “in danger of collapse”


Australia - People In Prison Still In Covid-19 Lockdown


News 19-21 March


COVID-19 Prevention Practices Among Prisoners, in Southern Ethiopia


US - The Justice Lesson of the Pandemic

US - Arkansas to release 387 potential parolees as prison population bulges


Covid-19 and prisons: lockdown to contain outbreak difficult but needed, outgoing Hong Kong correctional services chief says, insists he did ‘fair’ job

India - 7,524 jail inmates faced mental health issues: Govt’s 2020 data

New Video Leak Keeps Spotlight On Inhumane Prison Conditions In Iran

Maldives - 73 percent of inmates fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Philippines - 119,175 inmates fully vaccinated – BJMP


Cyprus - Women’s wing in overcrowded Nicosia prisons in shocking state

Ireland - Prisoners were locked up for 23 hours a day in pandemic


News 18 March


Ecuador's prisons blighted by state abandonment -IACHR

US (Nebraska) - Senators Discuss Causes of Prison Overcrowding

US (New York) - An Overhaul of Prison Health Care Is Long Overdue

US - Contact visitations reinstated at Louisiana's state-run prisons

Venezuela Judicial Woes Exacerbated as Prison Guards Extort Inmates


Visits set to resume in Hong Kong prisons after Correctional Services Department brings Covid-19 outbreak under control

India - After Covid relief in 2020 and 2021, 6K prisoners yet to return to Delhi jails

Macau - Correctional Services Require Negative NAT Prior To Visiting Facilities


Ireland - Prisoner takes court action over period of ‘almost solitary confinement’


News 17 March


Ghana - GHS1.80 per day feeding money for prisoners inadequate – Former director


US - More Than 800 New Jersey Prison Inmates Released Under COVID-19 Pandemic Law


India - Mumbai: State prisons to get video conferencing units to facilitate production of inmates before courts

India - Bengaluru: Prisoners visit in jails allowed from March 21

Prisoners in Israeli jails to start open-ended hunger strike to protest prison measures

South Korea - 735 prisoners to be released on parole to free up prison space, including two ex-Samsung execs


England and Wales - Proportion of remand prisoners who are minority ethnic rises 17% in six years

Isle of Man - Inspection at the prison will focus on mental health


Australia - Justice Department responding to Hakea Prison COVID-19 outbreak


News 16 March


US - ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’: The Failure of Prison Oversight

US - Incarcerated workers: overlooked as essential workers

US (California) - Study highlights risk of low COVID vaccine uptake in prison staff


India - Jail inmates will be allowed to meet fully vaccinated relatives


England and Wales - Wetherby Young Offender Institution lost ground during Covid - report

Number of inmates exceeds 309,000 in Turkish prisons


Australia - COVID sweeping through Hakea Prison as prisoners climb on roof


News 15 March


Canada - Courts will have to consider reasonableness of delays during COVID-19, experts say

US - COVID-19 in US prisoners, staff at triple the community rate


UN committee raises concern over Cambodia’s crowded, unsanitary prisons

Red Cross say it hasn't visited Myanmar prisons since COVID


England and Wales - How UK prison policy locks women into homelessness


New Zealand - Prisoner and 11 staff test positive at Hawke's Bay Regional Prison


News 12 – 14 March


Ghana - Media urged to promote benefits of community sentencing


US - A study of SARS-COV-2 outbreaks in US federal prisons: the linkage between staff, incarcerated populations, and community transmission

US - Federal Prison Compassionate Releases Soared In 2020

US - The Pandemic Isn’t Over Inside Prisons—And It Might Never Be

US - New Jersey Prison Population Experiences One of the Largest Drops in the U.S.  

US - COVID cases continue to drop at Washington state prison

US - Missouri prison inmates will be able to have visitors without restrictions in April


India - To minimise Covid risk, Delhi jails to keep video call option for inmates

Philippines - BuCor inmates start receiving COVID-19 vaccine booster shots


England and Wales - HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics, February 2022

Turkey: the report on violation of right to food access in prisons


New Zealand - Claims Mt Eden inmates locked down 24-7 as Covid sweeps Auckland jail


News 11 March


Canada - Newly unveiled records chart struggles in Manitoba’s criminal justice system during pandemic

US - Prison Populations Declined Only 1.1% In 2021, With 19 States And The Federal Government Increasing Prison Incarceration

US - The Powerlessness of Parenting From Prison

US - New York closes 6 state prisons as inmate numbers drop


India - Supreme Court requests committee on prison reforms to submit final report within six months

Possible revision to Japan's Penal Code to emphasize rehabilitation over retribution

Thai prisons ban alcohol-based sanitiser after abuse by prisoners leading to death, blindness


England and Wales - HMP Durham praised after significant fall in violence – but concerns remain over access to healthcare for prisoners and post-release support  

France - Prison de Béziers : des détenus sains confinés à cause d'environ 40 cas positifs


Australia - COVID in WA: Children, staff at Banksia Hill Detention Centre test positive for coronavirus


News 10 March


US - Missouri prisons to drop COVID-19 precautions for visits in April


‘Love is what sustains them’: Hong Kong prisoners cut off from family amid coronavirus outbreak

Why are India's jails so overcrowded?

India - Lift ban on meetings in jails across Punjab: Bikram Majithia

Philippines - Covid vaccination at BuCor’s NBP set March 12


Isle of Man - Prison service 'could do more' to provide mental health support

Activists demonstrate against high number of female inmates in Turkish prisons


News 9 March


Prison Pandemic Papers Documenting Impact Of Covid-19 In Jails, Prisons & Penitentiaries Across Canada Launched

US - COVID-19 Inmate Deaths in Prisons


England and Wales - Winchester prison staff 'almost lose control of yard'


New Zealand - Corrections managing hundreds of Covid-19 cases among inmates

New Zealand - Corrections on Covid prison lockdowns - 'we have saved lives'

New Zealand - ‘Blood bath from hell’: Inmates at private prison tell of suicides, allege negligence in Covid outbreak


News 8 March


Barbados - Judge tells Dodds to get COVID plan

Canada - There is still a prison pandemic

Canada - With so few people in NWT jails, territory looks at options

US - How Corporations Turned Prison Tablets into A Predatory Scheme

US - Prisons skimp on Covid treatments like Paxlovid, even as Biden plans to flood pharmacies with it


Myanmar Junta Denies Medical Treatment to Prisoners Sick With COVID-19


England and Wales - MPs ‘unconvinced’ by MoJ’s ‘meagre ambition’ to tackle Crown Court backlog


New Zealand - Prison Covid restrictions could trigger Waikeria riots repeat, warns partner

New Zealand - Covid at Otago prison


News 5-7 March


South Africa - Overcrowded Westville female prison in KwaZulu-Natal a concern

Uganda - Parliament committee ready to support prisons


COVID cases have doubled in Canadian prisons as uptick in vaccination across prisoners lull

US - As COVID spread in federal prisons, many at-risk inmates tried and failed to get out

US (Florida) - Bail amounts lowered for COVID, and crime didn't rise. Officials debate making it permanent.


New Zealand - Prisoners need a bail-out from Omicron, say advocates

New Zealand - Covid-19: Suspension of prison visits tough on families


News 4 March


US - Nevada prisons abandon plan to fire employees who did not get COVID vaccine

US - Wyoming DOC allows normal prison visits to resume, begins easing other COVID-19 restrictions

US - In-person visits to resume at Philadelphia prisons


Hong Kong - Outbreaks at prisons leave manpower stretched: CSD


England and Wales - County court delays still much higher than pre-pandemic, MoJ reveals

Northern Ireland - NI prisons are seeing a spike in cases of Covid-19


New Zealand - Chief justice: Covid-19 has caused unprecedented challenges in NZ's courts


News 3 March


Ghana - Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative calls for decriminalisation of petty offences


US (Minnesota) - Drop in MN COVID numbers means back to jail for some work-release participants

US - Fewer than 10% of applicants have been granted medical parole, frustrating some Mass. lawmakers


Coronavirus: Hong Kong prisons report 1,000 cases among inmates, third correctional facility repurposed for isolation


England and Wales - Nightingale Courts extended to support justice recovery

Shock Scottish Prison Service figures obtained through Freedom of Information Act show drugs, weapon and mobile phone seizures from Her Majesty's Inverness Porterfield prison rose dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic


News 2 March


US - COVID impact on NY courts still felt, but isn't the sole factor for backlogs

US (New York) - Two Years Into Pandemic, Basic Critiques of Prison Covid Policies Remain Unaddressed

US (Wisconsin) - 'People really depend on the visits': Inmate advocates celebrate return of in-person visits at state prisons


Thailand - Prisons warned over work rules


England and Wales - Holme House Covid outbreak - but prisoners 'still must isolate if they are positive'

Maltese prisons during Covid-19 didn’t violate human rights


News 1 March


Uganda - Prison Service Closes 59 Isolation Centres, Removes Restriction on Visits


US - Will Biden Step Up on Solitary Confinement?

US - California prisoners given substandard medical care and families left in the dark, loved ones say


England and Wales - 'Failing' HMP Swaleside 'understaffed' and 'unsafe' says new prison report

England and Wales - Exeter Prison Covid outbreak affected more than 100 people


News 26 – 28 February


US - Wisconsin prisons to allow in-person visits again

US - Releases From Hawaii Prisons Slowed During Pandemic Despite Supreme Court Orders


Covid-19: Omicron breaches Hong Kong’s prisons, with more than 200 inmates infected

India - 'Poor suffer in jail, rich get bail': SC for early release of prisoners serving over 10 years

Philippines -94% of BuCor personnel COVID vaccinated


Northern Ireland - Prison Service staff brave and exemplar during pandemic - Director General

Northern Ireland - Concerns raised over drug use at Magilligan Prison


Australia - Acacia Prison inmates riot in 'protracted incident' after COVID-19 control measures deployed

Australia - NSW fails to parole low-risk prisoners despite Covid-19 provision

New Zealand - Omicron prison amnesty not possible

New Zealand - Statement: Protect People In Prison From COVID-19

Tonga - 68 new COVID cases, include 1 in Vava'u and 42 in prison


News 25 February


US - Study: Suicide rate 3 times higher for people in jail than prison, general public

US - North Carolina prison inmates initiate hunger strike against inhumane treatment and grossly inadequate pandemic response

US - State looks to ease COVID restrictions in Vermont prisons


Hong Kong's Omicron-fuelled outbreak spreads within prisons


New Zealand - Covid in prisons – a wake up call

New Zealand - Covid-19: Three staff at Rolleston Prison test positive for virus


News 24 February


US - Covid Aid to Protect Montana Prisons and Jails Sits Unused

US (California) - When Omicron Surges, Prisoners Have Little Protection


Israel's Prisons Hold Thousands of Inmates in Solitary Confinement, Some for Years


Defendants waiting over six months for trial up 15% in England and Wales

England and Wales - Prisoners faced ‘significant human rights concerns’ during pandemic, say watchdog

Scotland - Hundreds of prisoners freed early without being tested for Covid-19


Australia - Fears COVID will spread like 'wildfire' in WA prison system as Roebourne vax rate revealed

New Zealand - Fifty per cent increase in prisoners with Covid after RAT tests included in figure


News 23 February


Jolted by deadly prison riots, Ecuador to pardon 5,000 inmates

US - Non-contact visitation reinstated at Louisiana’s state-run prisons


Concerns raised over Scotland's record court backlog for SNP ministers to solve


Australia - Few WA prisoners have had COVID-19 booster jab despite Omicron's steady rise

New Zealand - Covid-19: Outbreak in Paremoremo maximum security prison


News 22 February


Ugandans would face fines, jail for refusing COVID jab under new law


Fight in a Brazilian jail causes five dead and 18 wounded

Riot inside Mexican prison injures 20 officers in Acapulco


Dozens of woman prisoners contract Omicron in Iran’s Orumiyeh


England and Wales - Our criminal justice system needs major surgery, not a band aid

France - Covid-19 : 83 détenus positifs à la prison de Saint-Martin-de-Ré en Charente-Maritime


Australia (Victoria) - Keeping Justice System Moving Through Covid

New Zealand - Release prisoners amid Covid surge - Māori Pandemic Group


News 19 – 21 February


Coronavirus: lawyers voice concern after Hong Kong prison service stops visits, court trips for all inmates to conduct Covid-19 testing

Nepal - President grants amnesty to 513 prisoners


Ireland - Covid outbreak confirmed at Castlerea Prison

Italy - 29 served warrants for pandemic prison riot

Over one million remote links in Northern Ireland courts since pandemic began

Scotland - Ministers urged to take action over prison self-harm incidents


New Zealand - 600 locked down amid Prison Covid outbreak


News 18 February


Morocco - Prisons: reprise des visites familiales à partir du 28 février

MPs decry state of prison facilities in Northern Uganda


Cuba’s prison population is vaccinated and administration of boosters underway

US - A Pandemic of Litigation: Prisons and COVID-19 Class Actions

Senate launches group to examine embattled US prison system

US - Covid-19 rips through West Virginia women's prison as federal agency takes heat


Coronavirus: more than 7,000 inmates, persons remanded in Hong Kong prisons to test for Covid-19 amid ‘first widespread infections’

Malaysia - Japan contributes saliva test kit, surgical isolation suits to Prison Dept

Pakistan - Prisoners across Punjab await booster jabs


England and Wales to get extra 4,000 prison places in record expansion

England and Wales - Kent's Crown Court case backlog rises by 46%


New Zealand - Covid-19: Auckland South prison cluster grows to 50 prisoners and 13 staff

New Zealand - Access to justice a concern as backlog grows in district courts


News 17 February


Mauritius - COVID-19 : Le Virus Sévit À La Prison Des Femmes

Nigeria - Reps order probe of prison inmates’ welfare, officials’ working condition


US (New Jersey) - More than 50% of N.J. corrections workers remain unvaccinated hours before mandate deadline

US (Connecticut) - Opinion: COVID lessons from a CT prison


Covid-19: Detention centre to be converted into quarantine facility for Hong Kong prisoners amid outbreak

India - Representation in Delhi HC seeks premature release of old aged, infirm prisoners from overcrowded prisons

India - Social distancing not feasible in jails, says representation in Delhi HC

For First Time Since COVID, Israel to Allow Visitation Rights for Gaza Prisoners


France - Crise du Covid. 68 millions d’euros de dépenses supplémentaires dans les prisons en 2020

Northern Ireland prisons to relax Covid rules over six-week period


New Zealand - Lockouts and lockdowns slow Omicron’s ‘wildfire spread’ through prisons


News 16 February


US (Illinois) - Low vaccination rates among IDOC staff having trickle-down effect, activists say

US (Michigan) - Riskiest place for COVID-19? Jails and prisons, advocates say

US - COVID updates: In-person visitation to remain suspended at California prisons

US (Washington DC) - D.C. jail settles lawsuit over inmate covid conditions by ACLU, Public Defender Service

US - South Jersey prison inmates rioted in early days of pandemic; the legal fallout is ongoing


India - Covid restrictions lifted, prisoners across TN allowed to have visitors once a week

Malaysia - Kepayan Prison hit by cluster for the third time


England and Wales - HMP Bristol prisoners without heating as issues are 'urgently resolved'

Northern Ireland - Courts backlog could stretch beyond 2027 without extra funding, minister warns


Australia - Omicron reaches WA prison, 115 new cases

New Zealand - Covid-19: Six prisons report cases, 45 staff stood down


News 9 – 15 February


Barbados - Prison boss apologises to officers for ad hoc COVID testing

Canada - Inmates, advocates denounce 'inhuman' 24/7 COVID-19 lockdowns at Quebec's Leclerc jail

US - Omicron is creating new havoc in our criminal justice system

US (New Jersey) - N.J. releases more than 200 prisoners over COVID concerns

US - Mask mandate lifted at Nevada prisons, visitation to resume Monday

US - Minnesota prisoners face continued crises as COVID runs unchecked

US - Delaware resumes in-person prison visits to ‘strengthen those connections’ interrupted three times during pandemic

US - Drug Confiscations in NYC Jails Doubled During Pandemic Visitor Ban


India - Mass jailing of undertrials must end

India - COVID-19: Don't insist prisoners out on parole to surrender, says Supreme Court to Kerala

Iran - Omicron outbreak in Qarchak and Evin prisons

Philippines - Gov’t urged to address needs of women prisoners

Philippines - 96 percent of BuCor’s PDLs vaccinated

Thailand - All prison inmates to get third Covid dose by month-end


England and Wales - HMPPS COVID-19 statistics : January 2022

England and Wales - Record levels of self-harm found at Derbyshire women’s prison – report

England and Wales - Covid: HMP Northumberland hit by new coronavirus outbreak

Ireland - Prison service ups limit for in-person visits

Four in 10 jail inmates in Northern Ireland have not had their day in court

Scotland - ‘40,000 trials waiting so why are courts empty day after day?’


Australia (NSW) - Jail reform advocates call for prisoners to be released amid COVID-19 lockdowns

Australia (Queensland) - Prison COVID Tally Hits 454

New Zealand - Government Must Protect People In Prisons

New Zealand - Covid-19: 'High risk' Auckland prison cluster passes 50 cases


News 8 February


US - Statistics Show Federal Bureau Of Prisons Unable To Implement Key Policies During Crisis

US - ‘Just kind of bracing for the worst possible scenario’: Michigan inmates worry as omicron spreads

US (Illinois) - State resumes prisoner transfers after virus surge


England and Wales - Seven suicides in a year at Wandsworth

Irish prison chief welcomes criticism as report condemns overcrowding, sharing cells and poor out-of-cell time


News 5-7 February


St Lucia - Bordelais Correctional Facility Managing Impact of COVID-19 Fifth Wave

US - Omicron amplifies challenges across Vermont’s prison system


India - The trials and tribulations of inmates’ kin


England and Wales - Charity warns of 'mental health crisis in prisons'

England and Wales - Continued Covid lockdown could cause unrest, Prison Service warns

England and Wales - The Verne: Five prisoners died in coronavirus outbreak

Ireland - Short jail terms being handed ‘too often’ ahead of community service, report warns

Conditions in Irish prisons have worsened, report warns  

Ireland - Pandemic had 'devastating' impact on family contact for prisoners - IPRT


Australia - WA prisoners ‘fear’ contracting COVID-19 after not being given proper access to vaccines


News 4 February


Barbados: COVID outbreak at Dodds prison

US - California Prisons Face 3rd Wave of COVID, Some Without Vaccine Mandates


India - Prison Statistics Report 2020 Shows Govt’s Negligence of Prisoners During the Pandemic


Europe - Covid-19 and prisons: painful closures and encouraging innovations

England and Wales - Prisoners die and staff hospitalised during major Covid outbreak at Dorset prison

Gibraltar - No impact on visits despite more Covid cases at Windmill Hill prison

Ireland - No Covid-19 pandemic bonus for prison nurses - Laois TD calls on Govt to cough up


News 3 February


Uganda - MPs Ssewanyana, Ssegirinya Protest Ban on Visitors in Prison


Canada - Op-ed: The pandemic sentences prisoners to endless COVID lockdowns

Inmates vaccinated against Covid-19 in Cuba

Covid ‘Raging’ Among Prisoners Across US

US - COVID Cases in Youth Prisons Are Cutting Vulnerable Kids Off From Their Parents

US - Advocates call for COVID-19 protections for Minnesota prisoners


Cambodia - Ministry and Red Cross discuss new ‘early release from prison’ programmes


New Zealand - Covid-19: No known virus transmission in NZ prisons, so far


News 2 February


Canada - Prison guards deserve PCR tests, COVID hazard pay, says union for Pacific Region officers

Canada - 4 inmates at HMP test positive for COVID-19


France - Cluster à la prison de Roanne : 193 détenus sont positifs au Covid-19

Northern Ireland - Eleven Maghaberry prisoners take legal action over use of solitary confinement

Two-thirds of Serbia’s convicts vaccinated against COVID-19


News 1 February


Antigua - Five prison inmates test positive for Covid

Canada - At least one unit at Her Majesty's Penitentiary in St. John's reportedly on COVID-19 lockdown

US (Pennsylvania) - Inmates Say They Were Denied Court, Attorney Access Amid COVID

US - Op-Ed: California’s blocked vaccine mandate for prison guards is public health idiocy

US - Idaho National Guard to Aid COVID-Hit Prisons, Clinics

US (North Carolina) - Breaking Point: Families and loved ones of incarcerated people feel the collateral damage of incarceration in COVID


Thailand - 76 inmates escape over the past several months, many from prison quarantine


England and Wales - Rochester Prison inspection finds rodent infestation, dangerous electrics and undignified toilets

Northern Ireland prisons: 'Solitary confinement' breaking UN standards

Scotland - Court-related social work orders slumped during lockdown


Australia (NT) - COVID-19 outbreak grows at Alice Springs prison as almost half of all inmates test positive

Australia (NSW) - COVID Positive Inmates Try to Avoid Detection, as Hundreds Infected Inside

New Zealand - Covid 19 Omicron outbreak: Prisoner at Northland Region Corrections Facility tests positive


News 29 – 31 January


Liberia prisons: Where inmates are short of food, space and uniforms


Canada - Dozens infected as COVID outbreak at the Ottawa jail extends into fifth week

Cayman Islands - Thirty-one prisoners and 16 prison staff have COVID-19

US - To Better Address COVID-19 Among Incarcerated People, More Collaboration Is Needed Between State Departments Of Health And Departments Of Corrections

US (California) - Op-Ed: We pleaded for social distancing here in San Quentin. The state refused, and now COVID is raging


India - How counselling helped inmates in Delhi's Tihar Jail tide over Covid-19 anxiety

India - e-Mulaqat a boon for foreign prisoners during Covid times


Covid dans les prisons en Luxembourg: détenus positifs et négatifs ensemble

Scotland - Shotts Prison staff hospitalised following 'near riot'


New Zealand - Covid-19: How prepared is NZ’s prison system for Omicron?


News 28 January


Guyana - Gov’t still ‘wrestling’ with reform in prisons – Benn

US (Texas) - Man’s death marks the 17th prisoner death from COVID at Federal Medical Center Fort Worth

US (Illinois) - Protest demands freedom for prisoners facing COVID outbreak


India - Don't Insist On Surrender Of Prisoners Released On Parole; Consider Releasing Prisoners Due To COVID Surge : Supreme Court Directs Kerala Govt


England and Wales - Deaths in prison reach record high as one person self harms every 10 minutes

Spain - Sevilla prison dealing with huge Covid outbreak among inmates


News 27 January


Egypt reforms prisons and highlights rights, in moves critics call hollow


Canada - Alta. prison a ‘pressure cooker’ amid guard absences, enhanced security protocol: lawyers

Canada - 66 inmates, 40 staff test positive for COVID at jail

US - Senators say they were denied full access to federal prison

US - 34 Illinois Prisons on Lockdown due to Covid-19 Surge


Malaysia - Prisoners allowed visitors for Chinese New Year, says Prisons Dept


Northern Ireland - In-person prison visits to resume – Prison Service


New Zealand - Covid 19 Omicron outbreak: Dozens of Corrections staff lose jobs over vaccine mandate


News 26 January


Canada - Advocates concerned as Saskatoon, Prince Albert correctional centres see large spike in COVID-19

9 dead, 7 injured as inmates riot inside Mexican prison

US - Bureau of Prisons needs to do more to address staff confusion over COVID-19 policies, report says

US - Unvaccinated Pennsylvania Prisoners Stuck in Lockdown


Malaysia - Prisons Dept will form committee to tackle overcrowding in prisons


Ireland - Covid playing havoc with Courts as no more hearing dates available in 2022


News 25 January


US - Reported COVID cases in Louisiana prisons more than double in a week

US - Illinois prisons on COVID lockdown as cases soar among inmates

US (Michigan) - MDOC reports record high COVID cases in prisons statewide

US (Pennsylvania) - State prisons to halt in-person visitation through February


Prisoners in Iran go on hunger strike over Covid-19 death of inmate

Maldives - Maafushi Prison: 51positive cases, 211 quarantined


England and Wales - Report finds policy to vaccinate inmates and not staff at HMP The Verne 'indefensible'


Australia - NSW prisons urged to use emergency release powers as Covid cases surge

Australia (Queensland) - COVID-19 outbreak in Lotus Glen Correctional Facility, more than 100 inmates test positive


News 22 – 24 January


British Virgin Islands - COVID scare! 23 prison officers, several inmates ‘down’ — Malone

Canada - COVID-19 outbreak impacts Springhill prison

Covid danger in St Lucia’s tiny courts puts stop to murder trials

US - New data shows startling rise in prison deaths during 2020

US - Federal Prisons: Monitoring Efforts to Implement COVID-19 Recommendations and Examining First Step Act Implementation


India - Thiruvananthapuram: 239 prison inmates at Poojapura test Covid positive

Nepal - High vigilance in prison as COVID-19 infection rises


Ireland - Some restrictions to prison visits to remain

Ireland - Covid outbreak at Cork prison

Ireland - 100 Inmates At Midlands Prison Test Positive For Covid

Deaths in Scots prisons are on the rise as shock figures confirm 'worst fears' of grieving families

Turkey’s economic crisis hits prison visits


Australia - COVID-19 scare in Hakea Prison as worries grow over vaccination rollout for prisoners


News 21 January


Canada - COVID-19 exacerbates ‘filthy and inhumane’ conditions in Montreal jail

US - North Dakota prison system feeling impact of omicron variant

US (California) - Gavin Newsom Is Fighting A Vaccine Mandate For Prison Staff — At The Expense Of Prisoners

US - Florida Prisoners Lack Access to COVID Boosters Amid Omicron Uptick


India - Only 39 per cent fully jabbed in 3 Delhi prisons


England and Wales - Victims face waits of nearly two years to get justice in crown courts


News 20 January


Canada - 28 inmates catch COVID-19 at federal prison in B.C.'s Fraser Valley

Canada - Over a dozen inmates, staff at central Ontario jail test positive for COVID-19

US - Jails In Jeopardy Following New Treasury Rule: Federal Covid Relief Must Help People

US - Current COVID surge also affecting Indiana prisons


India - Yerawada jail officials seek for more space as Covid cases rise


Forcing jab will only worsen jail overcrowding: Belgian MP

Italy - COVID jail inmate cases more than doubles in 10 days

Scotland - More than 200 inmates isolating after latest outbreak hits HMP Perth


News 19 January


US (Michigan) - Corrections Department eases rules for COVID-positive prison officers to go back to work

US - Michigan prisoners wait for classes needed to be released

US - Visits suspended at Idaho prison as COVID cases rise, vaccine and booster requests mount

US - COVID-19 spreading rapidly in Illinois prisons


India - Covid centres, constant watch, doctors on duty — how crammed Delhi prisons are tackling 3rd wave

India - Mumbai: Video call facility between prisoners and their relatives resumes


Turkey - ‘Roof leaks, insects crawl in prison’s quarantine ward’


News 18 January

Mental health care for detainees failing worldwide


St Lucia - BCF Official Supports Electronic Monitoring For Low-Risk Offenders

US - Arizona prison to stop accepting nonviolent offenders due to COVID outbreak

US - Detainees Sue Arkansas Jail That Gave Them Ivermectin to Treat Covid


England and Wales - Magistrates to be given power to jail offenders for up to a year to help clear court delays

Guernsey Prison bans visitors and enters special measures after Covid cases


New Zealand - Calling home: Why phone access for prisoners matters


News 15 – 17 January


South Africa - Prisons Accused Of Using Solitary Confinement As Torture: Oversight Body


Barbados - Prison Service lauded for controlling outbreak

Canada - More than half of prisoners at Burnside jail have had COVID-19

Canada - Nearly 30 per cent of Ontario jail inmates are in COVID-19 isolation

Massive drop in US prison population unlikely to hold post-pandemic

US (North Carolina) - NC prisons chief on COVID: ‘We’ve scrambled, improvised ... and learned from mistakes’

US - In-person visits suspended at Wisconsin prisons as COVID-19 cases triple among inmates in 1 week


India - COVID-19: Madhya Pradesh government bans visitors from meeting jail inmates till March end

India - Delhi: Over 90 inmates, 80 jail staffers have tested positive for Covid-19

Iran -Covid-19 outbreak spreading women’s ward of Sepidar Prison of Ahvaz

Maldives - Maafushi Prison brought under state of emergency due to Covid-19 outbreak


England and Wales - ‘Disgraceful’ Covid-19 restrictions on children in prison to end in March

Ireland - Covid-19 outbreak team reactivated at one of Portlaoise's jails


News 14 January


Inmates stage riot in Kenyan prison


Omicron variant causes full lock-down at Belize Central Prison

Canada - Indigenous Inmates Testing Positive For COVID-19 At Higher Rates In Federal Prisons – National

US - Prison Population Drops as States Revamp Admission Policies

US - New Rule Makes Thousands of Federal Inmates Eligible for Release

US - COVID Cases Triple In California Juvenile Prisons

US - Significant COVID-19 outbreaks reported at New Orleans jail, Louisiana state prisons


India - Physical meetings with family and lawyer stopped, but phone call facility yet to resume: Inmates to court

Malaysia - Virtual hearings the way forward post-Covid-19 pandemic, says Chief Justice


England and Wales - 'Fear, isolation and distress': Pentonville Prison during Covid-19

England and Wales - Hindley Prison told to increase face-to-face education for inmates


Australia - NT youth detainees test positive for COVID


News 13 January


Although increasingly authoritarian, Ecuador is unable to get a grip on its prison problem

Jamaica - Stand Up for Ja renews call for early prison release amid COVID outbreak

US - Prison Reforms Since COVID Called Uneven, ‘Disheartening’

US - Omicron hits Michigan's prisons, which rank second in nation for COVID cases

US - Washington prisons close to visitors through Feburary at the earliest due to Omicron outbreaks

US (Oregon) - State corrections reports spike in Covid cases among employees, people in prison over past two weeks


Probe into deadly riots at prisons in Philippines


France - En prison, alerte sur "l'épuisement physique et moral" des détenus

Ireland - No temporary release for Limerick prisoners despite Covid cases

At least 59 ill prisoners lost their lives in Turkey in a year


Australia - Visits suspended at multiple Queensland Correctional Centres


News 12 January


US - As COVID Cases Spike, Federal Bureau Of Prisons Is Not Releasing Eligible Inmates

US - Omicron wreaks havoc across California prison facilities as staff cases surge

US - While Active Cases Remain Low, Omicron Threat Looms in Oklahoma Prisons

US (Nebraska) - Overcrowded and understaffed, prisons costly for taxpayers; unsafe for prisoners and guards

US - Illinois prisons pause county intakes due to pandemic

US (New York) - Rikers inmates on hunger strike to protest conditions, COVID lockdown


European Prisons Push Back Against COVID-19

England and Wales - Covid-19 restrictions 'caused increase in violence at women's prison'

England and Wales - HMP Hewell: Troubled prison improving but problems persist


News 11 January


British Virgin Islands - Court hearings move online, prison visits suspended amid COVID surge

US (Wisconsin) - Inmates Flood Toilets to Protest Food, Hygiene Issues as Omicron Fuels Staffing Shortage

US (Nevada) - Prison system details rise COVID-19 cases that led to halt in visitations

US - More than 3,800 California prison staffers have coronavirus amid massive surge this month


India - Central jail authorities revive anti-Covid measures

Philippines - Rights group says PH jails ‘least safe from Omicron’


Ireland - Mass testing after Covid cases detected in Limerick Prison

Scotland - 'Credible' options to jail needed to cut prisoner numbers


Australia - Tasmania's Risdon prison battles COVID outbreak, fears workers and prisoners



News 8-10 January


Antigua - Prison inmates begin to get booster shots

Canada - 82 prisoners at Burnside jail have COVID-19

US - Most Illinois prison staff haven’t gotten Covid-19 boosters

US - A Year After NJ Released Thousands Early From Prison, Only 9% Are Back in Custody

US (Texas) - Tablets for inmates: the tech easing isolation and improving behavior during COVID lockdown

US - Nevada prison system suspends inmate visitations due to COVID surge

US (California) - CDCR: In-Person Inmate Visits Suspended Due To Surge In COVID Cases


Data: Prisons in India continue to be Overcrowded despite COVID-19

India - Amid Covid surge, West Bengal’s jails switch to ‘e-Mulakat’ between prisoners and families

India - About 1,000 Delhi Police personnel, 46 prisoners in Delhi jails test COVID-19 positive

Covid-19 infections on the rise among Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails – Prisoner’s Society

Nepal - Dilapidated Salyan Prison overcrowded with inmates


HDP demands action over torture and medical negligence in Turkish prisons

England and Wales - ‘The system has collapsed’ Covid backlog sees number of people on remand in prison at highest level since 2010

England and Wales - ‘Delay and uncertainty is killing people’ as remand inmates account for 40 per cent of suicides in prison

Ireland - Mountjoy Prison hit with riot as lags furious about isolation due to Covid outbreak

Irish Prison Service suspends physical visits for two weeks

Isle of Man - Visiting resumes at prison after Covid outbreak

Scotland - More than 100 inmates at Perth Prison isolating after Covid outbreak



News 7 January


Canada - Prison staff shortage possible amid Quebec COVID-19 outbreaks: Union

US - Omicron Outbreaks in Prisons Put Everyone at Risk, But Data Is Scarce

US - Louisiana prison visits halted for third time due to COVID-19

US - How Vermont prisons are dealing with COVID behind bars


France - Covid-19 : 47% des détenus ont un schéma vaccinal complet, contre 76,9% de la population générale  

Italy - COVID: Over 1,000 jail inmates positive, close to 2020 peak


News 6 January


Uganda: Prisons Restrict Visits Due to Covid-19


US - Opinion: The Public Health Case for Decarcerating America’s Prison System

US - Federal prisons director Carvajal announces retirement amid coronavirus deaths, security lapses

US - Unvaccinated staff spread COVID-19 in California prisons

US - Arkansas prisons crack down on safety measures with rising COVID cases

US - As COVID-19 cases surge, Delaware's prison staff have higher infection rate than prisoners


India - Covid enters Delhi jails: Authorities in ‘wait and watch’ mode


England and Wales - ‘Vermin-infested’ London prison blighted by sexist and racist staff, warns watchdog

England and Wales - HMP Aylesbury is Covid 'outbreak site' as more prisoners test positive for coronavirus

Covid in Scotland: Backlogged courts about to face worst disruption yet, says official


News 5 January


Liberia: Major Prison Facilities Shutdown Due to Lack of Food Supply


Calls grow for inmate releases as COVID-19 cases climb in Canada’s jails and prisons

Canada - COVID-19 spreads to inmates from staff at Drumheller prison; more than 100 cases total

US - Latest COVID surge hitting Missouri prisons, treatment centers


Philippines - Over 46K BuCor inmates jabbed vs. Covid-19

Philippines - 4,610 PDLs released by BuCor in 2021


France - Covid-19 : 200 Détenus Isolés Après La Découverte D'un Cluster Au Centre Pénitentiaire De Beauvais

Gibraltar - Prison visits suspended as 19 inmates test positive for Covid-19

Irish prison chiefs splash out over €485,000 on library books to get inmates through Covid-19 pandemic

Pandemic in Turkey’s prisons | ‘36 people stay in a quarantine ward’



News 21 December 2021 – 4 January 2022


Canada - COVID-19 outbreaks now reported at 7 federal prisons, more staff than inmates infected

Canada - Advocates want Ottawa to release vulnerable inmates as COVID-19 hits N.S. women's prison

Haiti: 11 killed in foiled prison break

US - Omicron Has Arrived. Many Prisons and Jails Are Not Ready.

US (California) - Inmates’ attorneys warn of potential coronavirus outbreaks sparked by unvaccinated prison staff

US - ‘It's definitely coming to a boiling point’: Families, inmates worry about what comes next in Kansas prisons

US - Delaware Dept. of Correction suspends prison visitation amid COVID surge

US - Arkansas prisons lockdown amid record coronavirus case count

US Virgin Islands - Corrections Counts 13 COVID-Positive Cases At Facilities


India - Prisoners’ meetings with relatives suspended amid Covid surge in Bihar

India - Over 21,900 doses of Covid vaccine administered to inmates of 3 jails

India - To deal with Covid case spike, Tihar jail gets its own oxygen plant


In under-vaccinated Bosnia, inmate population stands out

England and Wales - Prison officer battered senseless and gangs clash in jail violence

England and Wales – The pandemic has been a catastrophe for people in prison. We must learn from it.

England and Wales - Tougher criminal sentences contributing to the courts backlog - new bar chair

Ireland - Covid-19 outbreaks confirmed in four prisons

Ireland - Prison Inspector criticises use of solitary confinement to contain Covid-19

Isle of Man - Covid: Jurby prison lockdown eases but visits still suspended

Scotland - Prison suspends in-person and online visits amid 'unforeseen circumstances'

Rights violations in Turkish prisons increased in 2021, says Diyarbakır Bar’s annual report

Despite normalisation, COVID-19 restrictions not lifted in Turkey’s prisons


New Zealand - Inmates cause $4.3m worth of damage to prisons in 12 months

New Zealand - Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Auckland women's prison worker tests positive, staff, prisoners in isolation


News 20 December


US - DOJ says inmates on home confinement can stay out of prison

US - Wisconsin prisons struggle with staffing shortage


Ireland - Prison officers' stress at work worsened during pandemic

Prison visits in Northern Ireland to be suspended

Scotland - West Lothian prison Covid outbreak causes chaos as 'several' staff forced to isolate  


Australia - Visits cancelled at Arthur Gorrie and Brisbane Correctional Centre


News 19 December


US - What Officials Can Do to Keep Omicron From Ravaging One of Our Most Vulnerable Populations


England and Wales - HMP Manchester inmates locked up for 22 hours a day, report finds

Northern Ireland - NI Prison Service Covid-19 measures revised to keep vital system safe

News 18-20 December


Canada - Indigenous women make up almost half the female prison population, ombudsman says

Canada - Depopulate prisons before Omicron hits, Ottawa criminologist urges

Cayman Islands - Same-day testing rules kick in for hospital, home care and prison visits

Trinidad & Tobago - Police, Prisons & Fire Services associations reject 'vaccination-for-pay' initiative

Only four US states are providing data about inmate vaccinations


India - Prison population increased by 14% in last 2 years

India - Omicron: Delhi prisons to isolate inmates with Influenza-like illness

India - Gurugram: New inmates at Bhondsi jail to undergo five tests

Philippines - BuCor: 91% of those in jail received anti-Covid vaccine


England and Wales - Male prisoners' free family phone calls are scrapped – but women's aren't under MoJ decision

Backlog in court cases doubles in East of England during pandemic

Ireland - Arbour Hill prisoners hit out after being denied showers while being in Covid-19 isolation

In-person visits reduced as tighter Covid restrictions brought in at Jersey's prison

Malta - Inquiry report calls for major overhaul of prison system


Australia - Life on the ward: how do you care for Covid patients in prison?


News 17 December


Nigeria - Ekiti prison overcrowded, housing 700 inmates instead of 400: Prison Controller

Nigeria - Federal High Court with 75 judges has 128,000 pending cases – Chief Judge


Ecuador commission to investigate prison violence - president

US - An influx of sick, elderly inmates in Florida prisons called a 'crisis'


Rights watchdog calls for decongesting India’s prisons

Israel's Justice Minister Says More Prisons Are the Solution to Overcrowding

Malaysia - Prisons Dept: Families allowed to visit inmates for Christmas from Dec 26 to 31

Thailand - Prison riot “under control” after hundreds of inmates lashed out over Covid-19 treatment

Thailand - Krabi prison dorm ablaze in second riot


England and Wales - Wing of Durham prison locked down due to escalating Covid cases

'Turkey’s prisons have turned into houses of death'


Australia - WA jails are understaffed and under pressure, say WA prison officers


News 16 December

Global COVID Vaccination Rates for People in Prison Remain Far Too Low


US (North Carolina) - Prisoners on work release fear bringing in COVID from the outside, then spreading it inside

US - Tennessee prisons see overdoses surge

US - Alabama prisoner becomes 69th to die with COVID-19

US Virgin Islands - V.I. prison population cleared of COVID-19


Denmark to rent 300 prison cells in Kosovo to ease overcrowding

England and Wales - Covid outbreak at sex offenders prison infects 100 inmates

Ireland sees one of highest rates in world for vaccinations in prisons

Inmates in Turkish prisons complain of lack of heating and inadequate amount of food


News 15 December


Canada - COVID-19 outbreak at Bordeaux prison infects 75, prompts new lockdown

Canada - Brockville, Ont. jail closes due to COVID-19 outbreak

US Prison Population Decreased 15% in 2020

US (Connecticut) - CT’s strict vaccine mandate for medical staff doesn’t apply to prisons


Philippines - QC jail congestion rate down to 55% from 1,000%- BJMP


England and Wales - Visits resume at Winchester prison following Covid outbreak

Italy - Two guards hurt in prison riot


Australia - Guards walk off Mount Gambier correctional site over prisoner-made food, pay and conditions


News 14 December


US (New York) - “People Need To Go Outside": Rikers Detainees Say Loss Of Rec Time Is Intensifying Jails Crisis


Pakistan - ‘Mysterious rise’ in inmates’ deaths witnessed in Lahore prison

Philippines - Bureau of Corrections realizes jail decongestion program

South Korea: 70000 inmates, officers at correction centres to get tested for Covid


England and Wales - Milton Keynes prison comes under fire again from inspectors

Scotland - Fife: Community payback hit by pandemic


New Zealand - High time: Sharp increase in prison drug seizures


News 4-13 December


Dozens killed in fire at overcrowded Burundi prison

Zimbabwe - 2 000 Prisoners Test Positive For Covid-19


Prevalence of COVID-19 infection in the prison system in Espirito Santo/Brazil: persons deprived of liberty and justice workers

Canada - More than 120 off work at GTA jail after health unit bars unvaccinated staff

Canada - Court hears about pandemic conditions at Burnside jail as judge debates inmate's sentence

US - For incarcerated Americans, the pandemic chaos of April 2020 has never ended

US - Multiple COVID outbreaks reported at Maine correctional facilities


Bangladesh - Prisoners to be vaccinated

A glance at the conditions of women in Iranian prisons – women’s rights are human rights

Pakistan - Undue delays : K-P struggles with vaccine hesitancy in jails

Philippines - 39,155 PDLs in BuCor jails vaccinated


COVID: How Europe's prisons have fared in the pandemic

England and Wales - The double lockdown: How it feels to leave prison during a pandemic

England and Wales - ‘Anger, fear and resentment’: prisoners speak out about lockdown

England and Wales - Bullingdon Prison report criticises chronic overcrowding and safety standards

England and Wales - Prison service 'closely monitoring situation' at Leyland's HMP Wymott after Covid outbreak

England and Wales - HMP Winchester: What restrictions mean for inmates as Covid cases rise  

Ireland - Covid outbreak at Cloverhill Prison leads to restrictions

Isle of Man - Covid: Virus outbreak prompts Jurby prison lockdown

Malta - Two inmates test positive for Covid

Covid in Scotland: Courts backlog could take five years to be cleared up


Australia - Casuarina Prison inmates riot amid union warning of shortages of up to 800 officers

Australia - NSW prisons are failing, new report claims

New Zealand - Turning Hawke's Bay prison youth unit into Covid-19 ward 'dreadful mistake'


News 3 December


Canada - Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Halton and Durham regions cases

Trinidad & Tobago - CCHR calls for independent monitoring of prisons

US (Connecticut) - State Suspends In-Person Visits To Prison Due To High COVID Rates

US - Wyoming Prisons See 5th COVID-19 Death and a New Outbreak


France - COVID-19: Un Cluster Déclaré Dans Une Prison, Les Surveillants Pas Assez Protégés Selon Un Syndicat


News 2 December


Canada - National advocacy group joins inmate's lawsuit alleging substandard medical care in prisons

US - High number of deaths in Oregon state prisons


Philippines - 30,000 doses of COVID vaccines allotted to PDLs in BuCor jails

Singapore - S'pore Prison Service launched new vehicle for infectious inmates 3 weeks before Covid-19 hit


England and Wales - What it's like to be a mother in prison during a pandemic

Ireland - Prison visits by children to see parents plummets

Luxembourg – Schrassig prison: Sanitary measures reinforced as 45 infections reported

Malta - Prisons are overcrowded, lacking rehabilitation efforts, audit finds


News 1 December


US - About 200 Massachusetts prison guards, Department of Correction employees suspended over vaccine mandate

US - NY jail and prison staff not complying with COVID mandates face suspension

US (Delaware)  Del. DOC expands inmate visitation to children


England and Wales - HMP Bullingdon report criticises overcrowding due to Covid

England and Wales – Thousands in prison on remand face second Xmas behind bars as court chaos deepens

France - Cluster à la prison d’Argentan : 72 cas positifs au Covid-19

Luxembourg - Covid-19 : les contaminations se multiplient à Schrassig


News 30 November


Concerns over Covid-19 spread at notorious Egyptian prison


Ecuador's president extends state of emergency for prisons

US - Unnecessary and Complicated Transfers Are Spreading COVID in Federal Prisons

US - California now limits medical parole to those on ventilators


Philippines - 77% of 48,539 PDLs in BuCor jails vaccinated

Thailand - Joint letter on restrictions on prison visits and correspondence


Scottish prisons: Independent review calls for radical reform following deaths


Australia - Canberra's COVID rapid antigen screening pilot introduced at jail, the Alexander Maconochie Centre


News 27 – 29 November


US - Prison visits in Alabama to restart after almost two-year pause

US - Appeals court blocks order requiring COVID vaccines for California prisons


Kazakh ‘torture’ jail using virtual reality to help prisoners feel joy

Malaysia - 63% of inmates minor drug offenders, says Azalina, in calling for prison reform

Philippines - Gov’t assures COVID vaccination of BuCor’s PDLs


Albania Closes Prison Hospital Criticized by Human Rights Organizations

England and Wales - Gym restrictions and 'goodybags' for HMP Liverpool inmates at height of covid

Turkey to lift ban on contact visitation in prisons



News 26 November


Kenya - 43 inmates at Bungoma prison test positive for Covid-19


Cayman Islands - Lawyer: HMP Northward a ‘scary place right now’

US - Inmate claims Utah prisons mismanaged pandemic care

“Abandoned and deprived”: the women trapped in Venezuela’s overcrowded prisons


Cambodia - GDP, ICRC talk sprucing up prison management

Philippines - Majority of BJMP, BuCor inmates now vaxxed


Belgium - Covid et surpopulation: les prisons sont de nouveau au bord de l'implosion

England and Wales - Winchester Prison Covid outbreak as cases for the area rise

Ireland - Total of 277 cases of Covid-19 in prisons since pandemic began, Dáil told

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