Understanding & reducing the resort to custody: Evidence from 10 countries

13 Jun 2017

On 9 June 2017, ICPR Director Dr Jessica Jacobson gave a paper on 'Understanding and reducing the resort to custody: Evidence from 10 countries' at the European Conference of the Sentencing and Penal Decision-Making European Group, held in Edinburgh.

Plenary speakers at the conference included the Rt Hon Lady Dorrian and Professor Andrew Coyle.

Dr Jacobson's presentation can be found here

Understanding and reducing the use of imprisonment: interview with Catherine Heard, ICPR

04 May 2017

In this 20 minute podcast, Catherine Heard, Director of ICPR’s World Prison Research Programme, discusses highlights from our March 2017 report looking at disparities in prison use in ten countries across all five continents.

New ICPR report describes vast disparities in use of imprisonment in 10 countries around the world

15 Mar 2017

Overcrowding, inhumane and degrading detention conditions and disproportionate harm to marginalised groups are some of the consequences of the rapid, unrelenting growth of imprisonment worldwide, according to Prison: Evidence of its use and over-use from around the world, published today [16 March] by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research (ICPR), Birkbeck, University of London, and the NGO, Fair Trials.

ICPR intern blogs about Colloquium on Risk and Vulnerability in Prison Populations – a Global Crisis

01 Dec 2016

On 21 October, the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, in collaboration with the Institute for Criminal Policy Research hosted a colloquium to discuss Risk and Vulnerability in Prison Populations. Carmel Kavanagh, an intern at the ICPR, reflects on the discussion, which you can read here