Ministry responsible
The Eritrean Police
Prison administration
Eritrean Prison and Rehabilitation Service
Contact address
P.O. Box 712, Asmara, Eritrea
+291 1 12 77 99
+291 1 12 21 35
Head of prison administration (and title)
(Brigadier General) Ghirmay Mehari
Commissioner of Prisons
Number of establishments / institutions
*A report of April 2009, 'Service for Life', by Human Rights Watch, states that each town and administrative district has a jail, that wherever there is a police post there is a cell and that each military division has its own prison. The report also asserts that there are secret facilities. The U.S. State Department human rights report for 2011 notes that 'There are more than 300 prisons and detention centres, which were filled to capacity'.